About JD Cloud

JD Cloud is JD.com’s full-service cloud computing platform and integrated cloud service provider. It houses the world’s leading technologies and a wealth of cloud computing solutions, offering full stack services encompassing IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. It also provides full spectrum services from IDC and cloud computing services to integrated offerings and services spanning several industries. Covering all 4 Public, Private, Hybrid and Proprietary Cloud scenarios, JD Cloud delivers a comprehensive range of cloud computing services including infrastructure building, strategic consulting, and business platforms development and operation.

Full-stack Service Full Stack

laaS | PaaS | SaaS

Full-spectrum Service Full Spectrum

IDC Service | Cloud Computing Service | Integrated Service

Full-scenario Service Full Services

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Core Advantages

Own one of the largest GPU clusters in China

99.95% of Monthly Service Level, SLA

JD Stack is fully compatible with the public cloud, giving the cloud platform the advantages of high availability, convenient expansion, and low operation and maintenance costs.

The layout of eight availability zones and four regions including cn-north-1, cn-east-2, cn-east-1 and cn-south-1.

Own one of the largest Docker clusters in the world

JD Cloud Milestone

2017and earlier

2019.07 JD Cloud Won two Technical Innovation Awards for Security Governance and Object Storage and received the Trusted Cloud AAA Cloud Service Enterprise Credit Rating at the 2019 Trusted Cloud Summit. JD Cloud and JD Digits announced their in-depth collaboration in the field of blockchain technology services and their construction plans for the Zhizhenlian Cloud, launching two SaaS applications Blockchain Anti-counterfeiting Traceability and Blockchain Digital Proof, as well as the first domestic blockchain online data analysis service, BDS, which was promoted as open source. JD Cloud won an 84.91 million bid from China Mobile, and jointly announced their collaboration with OneNET and UnitedDATA to promote intelligent IoT integration solutions for the 5G IoE era, marking JD Cloud’s acceleration in the 5G field.

2019.06 JD Cloud’s e-commerce cloud’s SaaS product was ranked first on the industry verticals chart in the area of e-commerce in iResearch’s “2019 China Enterprise SaaS Industry Research Report” due to its profound accumulation of industry leading business practices, technologies and open ecosystem + cross-platform services.

2019.05 The internationally renowned consulting institution IDC released the “China Public Cloud Service Market Report (for the second half of 2018),” stating that JD Cloud is the fastest growing vendor with a growth rate of more than 1,000% over the past half year. The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology sponsored an activity show casing the top big data products and application solutions in 2019 and designated the Suqian Government Big Data Foundation Platform’s BDP solution developed by JD Cloud as one of “the Top Ten Big Data Cases.” JD Cloud's Beijing Virtual Machine Center was ranked 1st for the 4th time and its Shanghai Virtual Machine Center was ranked 1st for the 2nd time on the Bonree performance index, marking another “Double First Place” achievement by JD Cloud following a previous win just months earlier in February of the same year.

2019.03 JD Cloud and Digital China officially collaborate to advance the proliferation and maturity of cloud-based services to digitalize the Chinese economy. JD Cloud becomes the sole operator for Microsoft’s Minecraft: Education Edition in Mainland China, with plans in the future to collaborate with Microsoft to advance China’s Smart Education market with richer, smarter and more innovative products and services.

2019.01 Receives the CSA STAR and C STAR international certifications for cloud security and compliance, establishing itself as a security leader and major household player in the cloud computing industry.  

Authoritative Certification