Free Quota Offered for Object Storage Service

Users can enjoy a free quota for standard storage, giving you the opportunity for JD Cloud Onboarding on the 0 threshold

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Free Quota

Standard users who have subscribed JD Cloud Object Storage Service can enjoy a certain volume of free standard storage capacity. The free quota will be deducted at first for daily billing and the portion in excess of the free quota is charged according to price details.


Standard Storage Free Capacity: 10GB


Standard Storage Free Capacity: 10GB


Standard Storage Free Capacity: 10GB


Standard Storage Free Capacity: 10GB

Introduction to Object Storage Service Product

JD Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS for short) is a bulk, safe, low-cost, stable and highly reliable Cloud Storage Service provided by JD Cloud. You can implement unified management of data to meet a variety of storage needs.
Support standard RESTfulAPI interface, upload and download data whenever and wherever and realize simple management for data via the console. Learn More...

High Availability
  • Multiple-replicas Saving
  • Provide the availability zone mechanism under the same Region and ensure disconnected service.
  • Provide cross-region replication function, support automatic data backup in different regions and realize remote disaster tolerance.
Low Cost
  • Multi-line Bandwidth Access and Free Uplink Traffic
  • Provide free trial quota
  • Completely-hosted Storage Mode and Zero-cost Operation and Maintenance
  • Provide standard and low-redundancy storage types suitable for code and hot data
Security and Reliability
  • AES-256 encryption algorithm adopted by server to ensure data security
  • Signature Verification Mechanism
  • Support Anti-Leech
  • Original Image Protection
Data Empowerment
  • Common Video Format Transcoding
  • Video Snapshot
  • Image Style Management (cropping, zooming, revolving, watermark, format conversion, porn identification...)

Detailed Rules

I. Eligible Users

·Registered users of JD Cloud who have passed real-name verification and subscribed Object Storage Service

II. Start Time of Free Quota Activity

·March 19, 2019

III. Rule Description of Free Quota

1. Object Storage Service (OSS) exceeding free configuration quota will be charged as per the standard billing;
2. During the free quota activity, rules for uses to obtain the free trial and configuration that can be used for free may be adjusted any time according to the business requirements of JD Cloud. Users at different times may obtain different free quota;
3. JD Cloud may make changes or adjustments to the rules of activity according to the actual circumstances of the activity, and the relevant changes or adjustments will be released on the pricing page and will take effect immediately upon the release. At the same time, intra-website message, announcement, etc. will be adopted for notification;
4. In order to ensure the fairness and justice of the activities, JD Cloud has the right to take back the free quota qualification of users who have engaged in the malicious grab (for example, through programs and other technical means) of activity resources, who cause resource idle for long-term and who are engaged in illegal actions by using resources;
5. The corresponding rights and interests obtained by the user by participating in the activity shall be restricted to be used by his/her own account, and shall not be transferred, sold or otherwise exchanged for profit. Once discovered, the storage resources shall be blocked and shall not be for further use shall be made, and the account shall be sealed.
6. The name of the activity has no effect, and is only for the convenience of understanding. The actual free content is subject to the specific rules of the activity;
7. For detailed billing rules of Object Storage Service, please refer to Free Quota.