JD Cloud Beijing-BJ3 Data Center

Tianzhu Airport Development Zone, Changjin Road, Shunyi District, Beijing City

  • Covered Area: 38,294m2
  • Cabinet Count: A total of 5,200 general cabinets in machine room
  • Construction Standard: Level T3+

Key Parameters

Category Item Content
Construction Earthquake Resistance Earthquake Resistance Level 8
Floor Weight 1,000Kg/㎡
Electrical Mains Supply Four Ways of Mains Supply, 42,000KVA
Diesel Generator Eighteen 2,400KW diesel generators, N+1, providing the continuous 8h full-load running capability
UPS Redundancy 2N, 15min Delay
Power Supply of Cabinet A/B dual-circuit, dual-circuit PDU
Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Redundancy N+2
Refrigerator N+1
Security Monitoring Powerful centralized running control center, normal operation of monitoring equipment
Security 365×24×7 around-the-clock safety tour inspection
Other Firefighting Early Fire Alarm System
Preaction Automatic Spray System
Fire Hydrant System

Benefits of Machine Room

Positional Benefits

Advantageous in location, a 30min drive from North Fifth Ring Road of Beijing, 16km away from Beijing Capital International Airport

Network Benefits

Various operation and maintenance guarantee, customer DIY service supported

Technological Benefits

Powerful operation and maintenance capability, ensuring a reliability up to 99.99% of the data center