JD Cloud Beijing-BJ4 Data Center

No. 15, Xingsheng Street, Yizhuang Economic-Technological Development Area, Beijing

  • Covered Area: 6,000m2
  • Cabinet Count: A total of 1,200 general cabinets in machine room
  • Construction Standard: GB50174 Level A

Key Parameters

Category Item Content
Construction Earthquake Resistance Earthquake Resistance Level 8
Floor Weight 1,400Kg/㎡
Electrical Mains Supply Dual-circuit 10KV/8,000KVA Mains Supply
Diesel Generator N+1, providing the continuous 8h full-load running capability
UPS Redundancy 2N, 15min Delay
Power Supply of Cabinet A/B dual-circuit, dual-circuit PDU
Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Redundancy N+2
Refrigerator A sensible cooling capacity of 60KW for a single set, and an air capacity of 18,000m3/h
Security Monitoring 7x24h Around-the-clock Monitoring
Security Access Security
Other Firefighting Each floor is an independent fireproof partition, and FM200 heptafluoropropane automatic fire extinguishing system

Benefits of Machine Room

Positional Benefits

Located at the core region, 980m away from Rongjing Street East, Yizhuang Line, a 14min walk

Network Benefits

Dynamic and multi-redundancy device chain architecture, 7*24*365 service guarantee

Technological Benefits

Complete network security system, foundation safety, Anti-DDoS Pro, etc.