JD Cloud Guangzhou-GZ3 Data Center

Southern Zone, Science City of Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone, Guangzhou

  • Covered Area: 25,650m2
  • Cabinet Count: A total of 3,096 general cabinets in machine room
  • Construction Standard: GB 50174-2008 Level A, Uptime Tier T3+

Key Parameters

Category Item Content
Construction Earthquake Resistance Earthquake Resistance Level 7
Floor Weight 1000Kg/㎡
Electrical Mains Supply Four-circuit Highly Reliable Power Supply, 40,000KVA
Diesel Generator Ten 10kV 1,800kw diesel generators, N, providing the continuous 8h full-load running capability
UPS Redundancy 2N, a 15min Delay in Power Supply
Power Supply of Cabinet A/B dual-circuit, dual-circuit PDU
Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Redundancy N+1
Refrigerator N+1, 15min Emergency Cold Storage
Security Monitoring HD web cameras, network storage and high definition large screen television surveillance wall, monitoring the real-time states of all the machine rooms in real time, with the high definition videos stored for more than 90 days
Security Key machine rooms and passage accesses, with the access records of all the gates stored in the background database
Other Firefighting Extreme Early Smoke Alarm Monitoring Platform
Extreme Early Smoke AlarmCollector
Heptafluoropropane Fire Gas Fire-extinguishing System

Benefits of Machine Room

Positional Benefits

Excellent in geographical location and convenient in traffic. The park is near to Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Guangzhou-Dongguan Expressway

Network Benefits

High-standard infrastructure, provide the customer with high quality internet access service

Technological Benefits

7×24h Professional Operation and Maintenance Team