JD Cloud Shanghai-SH1 Data Center

No. 248, Yuntian Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai City

  • Covered Area: 59,211m2
  • Cabinet Count: A total of 2,500 general cabinets in machine room
  • Construction Standard: Level T3+

Key Parameters

Category Item Content
Construction Earthquake Resistance Earthquake Resistance Level 8
Floor Weight 1,400Kg/㎡
Electrical Mains Supply Dual-circuit 35KV
Diesel Generator N+1
UPS Redundancy 2N, 30min delay
Power Supply of Cabinet A/B dual-circuit, dual-circuit PDU
Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Redundancy N+1
Refrigerator N+1
Security Monitoring Mains Supply/UPS/HVDC Power and Load Monitoring Management
Monitoring of Machine Room Temperature and Humidity
Firefighting and water leakage detection systems
Security 365×24×7 around-the-clock safety tour inspection, monitoring cameras provided
Other Firefighting Early Smoke Alarm System

Benefits of Machine Room

Positional Benefits

Located at the core region, 24km away from Shanghai Railway Station, about 40km away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Network Benefits

Intelligent DCIM, intuitionally reflecting the locating place and running status of devices in machine room, and simplifying the operation and maintenance difficulties

Technological Benefits

The micromodule construction method is adopted, greatly shortening the project construction time