JD Cloud Jiangsu Suqian -SQ1 Data Center

The western side of the crossing between Fazhan Avenue and Qingtong Road, Hubin New District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province

  • Covered area: The total covered area is about 55,328㎡
  • Cabinet Count: A total of 16,000, including 6,000 (delivered in 2018) in Phase I and 10,000 (delivered in 2020) in Phase II
  • Construction Standard: Design and construction are carried out based on the standards Uptime Tier III and TIA-924 Tier IV

Key Parameters

Category Item Content
Construction Earthquake Resistance Earthquake Resistance Level 9
Floor Weight 1,000Kg/㎡
Electrical Mains Supply Special dual-circuit 110KV power supply, dual-circuit 63MW incoming line
Diesel Generator 2,200KW (N+1), providing the continuous 12h full-load running capability
UPS Redundancy 2N, 15min Delay
Power Supply of Cabinet A/B dual-circuit, dual-circuit PDU
Air Conditioner Air Conditioner Redundancy N+1
Refrigerator Four 2,500KW(700RT) Refrigerating Units
Dual Ring Network Pipe, Cold Storage Tank≥15min
Security Monitoring Cabinet BMS Environmental Monitoring System
Monitoring of Machine Room Temperature, Humidity, Water Leakage and Microenvironment
Security 7×24h Safety Tour Innspection, Security Regulation
Other Firefighting IG541 Pipeline Automatic Gas Fire-extinguishing System
Extreme Early Air Sampling Alarm System
Three-dimensional Temperature Sensing and Smoke Sensing Systems

Benefits of Machine Room

Positional Benefits

A non-local disaster recovery can be formed along with such data centers as JD Cloud North China and South China, meeting the demand for customer backup business

Network Benefits

Support the access of lines of multiple operators, meet customers’ different business needs

Technological Benefits

Integrated architecture and modular design adaptable to complicated and changing business demands