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Suqian Municipal People's Government

Suqian Municipal People's Government

Industry involved:
Government Affairs Cloud
Product using:
JDStack  AI Operation Center for City 
Application Type:
Secure, stable and reliable Government Cloud Service is needed to build the Suqian on Cloud (JD Cloud East China Data Center) and the Cloud-based Industry (Suqian E-commerce Industry Zone);
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Customer Introduction

Suqian Municipal People's Government

Project Overview

JD Cloud, based on cloud computing and big data, has helped Suqian Municipal Government to create an urban digital basic platform, building the Suqian on Cloud (JD Cloud East China Data Center) and the Cloud-based Industry (Suqian E-commerce Industry Zone) via "elements supplementation", "ecological incubation" and "operation support".


1) Through the construction of Suqian Government Affairs Cloud Big Data Center, JD Cloud provides IaaS for Suqian government departments through cloud computing and big data technology, and gradually carry out the PaaS and SaaS construction work by combining with the departmental data integration situation: Based on IaaS basic computing resource cloud, the basic architecture resource integration centralized cloudization provides the applications related to e-government with a qualified basic cloud platform environment for network, load balancer, computing, storage and other kinds of required resources. Conduct integration centralized cloudization to the multiple e-government affairs systems that have been completed and the server resources of various departments to form the hardware resource sharing and allocation according to demands of the cloud computing resource pool in the entire e-government system, solve the information isolated island problem that each department has its own system, and lay the foundation for further integration of the e-government business.
2) Data exchange and sharing platform construction Construct a platform for government affairs data centralization, sharing and open, propel information resource integration step by step through organizing government information resources, and form a municipal unified data sharing support platform and exchange system. Meet the departmental information resource exchange and sharing demands and the key business data support. Create a social-oriented e-government affairs cloud platform, build a cloud computing management platform that can be interconnected by various departments, and provide services for government workers and the public.

Customer’s earnings

1. System JD Cloud Onboarding is completed for 186 Government APPs and 98.4% self-built systems in Suqian, covering 61 commissions and bureaus. Core systems like one net, accumulation fund and human society are running stably on cloud. A unified data sharing support platform & exchange system is formed for Suqian, building a first-level smart city platform to address separation and low quality of government data. Now government data are collected more rapidly. Over 1.3 billion structural data entries of high-value contents including real estate, accumulation fund and human society are collected. The operation cost of Suqian government systems is reduced by 70% with 30% higher efficiency. As a new system for Suqian’s accumulation funds was launched, the government data enable applicant to finish all procedures online to withdraw accumulation fund - uploading materials to APP for application. The online system will review the materials for approval within 3 working days, and then the funds will be promptly transferred to the applicant’s account.
2. Since JD customer service center was settled in 2013, Suqian has built its e-commerce industrial cluster supported by JD e-commerce brand aggregation. Over 400 enterprises such as, Tuniu, Baidu, iQIYI, NetEase and are attracted to form a 100-billion-level digital economic industrial cluster with over 12 provincial and above brands. In 2017, the e-commerce turnover was RMB 40.14 billion, and the total fiscal revenue was RMB 1.623 billion. Compared with RMB 193 million in 2015, the turnover increases by over 8 times while over 10,000 employees among totally 30,000 employees were increased.
3. JD Cloud promotes JD Cloud Onboarding with Suqian Municipal Government and 61 bureaus and commissions. Onboarding is completed for 186 business systems with an onboarding rate of 98.4%, so information isolation among independent systems is solved, realizing “non-face-to-face approval of accumulation funds”. In August 2018, Suqian Municipal E-government Office was awarded “Top 10 Trusted Cloud Users”, passed “Comprehensive Government Cloud Assessment” and “Trusted Government Cloud Assessment”. As a model, Suqian Government Cloud was selected into “China Government Cloud Development White Paper” and Construction Mode and Case Study of Government Cloud 2018 released by IDC. In August 2019, at the Trusted Cloud Summit organized by CAICT, MIIT, Suqian Government Cloud was awarded “Top 10 Government Clouds”. With successful application in Suqian big data center, JD Cloud big data platform was selected by MIIT as a model and publicized on MIIT website. It was selected into Top 10 Excellent Cases at digital expo in Guizhou.
In 2015, Suqian E-commerce Industry Zone was rated the second group of national e-commerce demonstration bases. In 2016, it was selected into Top 20 National E-commerce Industry Zones and Provincial Cross-border E-Commerce Industrial Park Pilots.