Client cases > JD Cloud cooperated with Shouxian County to forge the "Internet +" industrial park.
JD Cloud cooperated with Shouxian County to forge the "Internet +" industrial park.

JD Cloud cooperated with Shouxian County to forge the "Internet +" industrial park.

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Government Affairs Cloud
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Virtual Machines 
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Customer Introduction

To promote the economic development, the People’s Government of Shouxian County continuously sought for new thought of development, encouraged to drive the development of the whole region by Internet E-commerce, and invested in constructing an "Internet +" industrial park in the new city district of Shouxian County, so as to make the brands, design, production, distribution and retailing of all enterprises in the park integrate into the E-commerce market as soon as possible, and provide the customers with mature and convenient E-commerce services.

Project Overview

In recent years, in order to promote economic development, Shouxian County People's Government continues to seek new ideas of development, encourages the development of the whole region through Internet-based E-commerce, and invests in the construction of "Internet +" Industrial Park in the new urban area of Shouxian County, so as to integrate the brands, design, production, distribution and retails of the businesses (settled enterprises) of the industrial park and individual entrepreneurs into the E-commerce market as soon as possible and provide convenient and mature E-commerce services for consumers. Relying on its own cloud computing technology service capability and operating experience in the field of E-commerce, JD Cloud provides information technology support and operation services for Shouxian County People's Government for the purpose of operating and selling commodities, assists the merchants in the park to transform and upgrade towards the Internet, and assists Shouxian County People's Government in building cooperative and win-win ecology of Internet + Industrial Park.


As an active pioneer and explorer of Internet+, JD Cloud has been committed to outputting the whole industry chain capability to the government and enterprises, forming deep cooperation relationships, sharing cloud computing big data technology, developing the Internet enterprise ecology, and helping the government and enterprises to realize the more thorough Internet+ transformation and upgrade. Based on the demand and industry characteristics of Shouxian County “Internet+” Industrial Park, JD Cloud provides the following solutions:
1) During the business peak, access load balancer in the frontend to realize load sharing, solve performance bottleneck and pass health check, so as to ensure the complete response of the client, to ensure business continuity and to ensure a good user experience.
2) As to the large concurrent access of database, JCS for Redis shall be used to cache the data request to greatly increase the QPS, and reduce the database pressure. Meanwhile, by using MySQL cloud database service and relying on the primary-secondary high availability architecture, the performance and security of data are guaranteed.
3) The flexible expansion of the system is realized by providing Auto Scaling of computing resources and lateral expansion of resources, so as to ensure the normal operation at the business peak.
4) Provide CDN technology to distribute pictures and other contents based on the combination of cloud storage and CDN technology to improve response speed and greatly enhance the experience of platform user.
5) Provide DDoS protection, Web application protection and other professional products, to ensure business security in an all-round, multi-dimensional way.
6) Adopt integrated access of fixed broadband and mobile broadband, to ensure the overall access of community networks from the service point of view. At the same time, the community provides two ways of access to JD Cloud platform: VPN and Internet.
7) Provide one-stop enterprise-level applications and B2B&B2C solutions and consultation support for merchants that have moved in. Including the provision of targeted ecommerce operation training for local enterprise personnel, and the sharing of years of operational experience and technical knowledge accumulated by JD Mall and JD Cloud to local enterprises, so as to promote the smooth and rapid development of enterprises in the “Internet+”Industrial park in Shouxian County.

Customer’s earnings

With professional information technology service capabilities, operational experience and resources in the field of e-commerce, JD Cloud can provide information technology support and services in commodity sale for the People's Government of Shouxian, so as to promote the successful transformation of local enterprises in internet plus, improve the local economic structure, and promote the improvement of the economic and living standards of people in Shouxian County. The specific benefits include:
1) Application acceleration is in combination with caching technology to improve response speed In order to deal with the request delay caused by high concurrency, JD Cloud increases the response speed by overwriting distributed content of the CDN nodes nationwide, and in the meantime, it reduces database access pressure and improves user experience in line with JCS for Redis request to cache data.
2) The problems of resource capacity enlargement and cost control during peak periods have been effectively dealt with: JD Cloud relies on the Auto Scaling of cloud computing resources to enlarge the capacity of the system flexibly, so as to ensure the high availability of services and respond to business peaks at the lowest cost.
3) Reliable security protection ensures the security of business JD Cloud provides professional DDoS protection and application protection to protect the security of the business furthest.
4) Powerful and sufficient cloud resources can ensure the stability, performance and reliability of infrastructure
5) Different operator networks are provided to ensure the full coverage of community networks and smooth use of users