Client cases > JD Cloud helped AsiaInfo Data establish the big data cloud platform
JD Cloud helped AsiaInfo Data establish the big data cloud platform

JD Cloud helped AsiaInfo Data establish the big data cloud platform

Industry involved:
Big Data
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Product using:
Virtual Machines  JCS for MySQL 
Application Type:
Applicable to customers with public cloud service requirements
Client cases

Customer Introduction

AsiaInfo Data is a subsidiary of AsiaInfo Group focusing on big data business, which is the largest independent big data company in China. Relying on the accumulation of AsiaInfo Group in the telecom industry over the last two decades, AsiaInfo Data currently possesses approximately 50 big data products covering big data platform, big data asset management, big data analysis and intelligent business application, capable of fully satisfying customer demands and providing big data products and services in the whole industrial chain.

Project Overview

AsiaInfo adopts the container technology represented by Docker, provides enterprises and developers with big data PaaS cloud platform for building, delivery and operation of cloud big data applications, and provides continuous application integration, image building, continuous delivery and automatic operation and maintenance services of full process standardization in application life cycle. Relying on the stable and reliable cloud platform and powerful solution support capability, JD Cloud adopts JC Cloud's high-performance computing resource service, reliable cloud storage and database service, constructs and supports the big data PaaS platform based on the container technology, and assists AsiaInfo to construct a big data cloud platform.


JD Cloud provides the following solutions according to the business requirements of the AsiaInfo data big data cloud platform:
1) Adopt JD Cloud high-performance VM to deploy OpenShift Master and Node nodes to form a cluster and achieve implementation of persistent data storage combined with cloud storage and cloud database service; at the same time, with the cooperation of git code base and Docker image library, drone is deployed to realize continuous integration and continuous deployment service; the various components of the platform combine organically to form the AsiaInfo big data cloud platform.
2) Through JD Cloud monitoring service, it collects the number of connections, QPS, reading and writing quantity of cloud database, VM disk, memory, network and other indexes, and sets up alerts accordingly, to help the AsiaInfo data operation and maintenance personnel to fully understand the use of resources, performance and operation status, to discover and solve the trouble in time, and fully meet the real-time monitoring demand of big data cloud platform, and ensure the smooth operation of the business.
3) In view of the complex network security requirements, JD Cloud adopts firewall and security group technology to realize fine-grained control of AsiaInfo cloud network access, and adopts SSH Key Pair technology to ensure the security of VM access and adopts DDoS, WAF protection technology to shield malicious attacks and ensure the security and availability of AsiaInfo service.
4) For the data protection requirement of AsiaInfo big data cloud platform, cloud database, multi-copy storage technology of cloud disk and snapshot backup and recovery technology may be adopted to easily realize high availability and reliability of data.
5) All-weather and 7x24-hour professional technical support services, as well as strong solution support capabilities to maximize customer demand.

Customer’s earnings

AsiaInfo builds a big data PaaS platform through JD Cloud, which can realize cost reduction and operational efficiency improvement for an enterprise, and achieve the following benefits:
1) based on JD Cloud basic cloud platform service, it can help customers free themselves from heavy maintenance work, saving a lot of platform construction investment and labor costs;
2) relying on JD Cloud platform can improve data protection services and resources rapid scaling capability, effectively guaranteeing customers’ business continuity and ability to respond to unexpected business, and helping customers realize business innovation and performance growth;
3) , in virtue of JD Cloud resource monitoring system, it is able to fully and visually display the running status of the cloud platform, providing decision support for handling faults and emergencies, and significantly improving the ability of continuous operation of the AsiaInfo data system;
4) , through the three-dimensional security system of JD Cloud, it has laid the foundation for multi-level, all-around security protection on the AsiaInfo data cloud;
5) , by means of the primary sub-account function, it can establish different cloud resource access rights for management personnel, and realize hierarchical management of rights according to the authorization policy.