Client cases > JD Cloud helped Kingdee establish mixed cloud
JD Cloud helped Kingdee establish mixed cloud

JD Cloud helped Kingdee establish mixed cloud

Industry involved:
Big Data
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Product using:
Virtual Machines 
Application Type:
Applicable to customers with composite cloud mode of hosted cloud plus public cloud services, as well as customers with remote active-active mode requirements.
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Customer Introduction

As a leading enterprise Internet supplier in the Asian-Pacific region, Kingdee pioneers the entire industry with respect to ERP, financial sharing, HR management and industrial solution, and is ranked the first in the ERP market of SMEs for 12 consecutive years. Kingdee serial products (such as ERP and Cloud ERP) are also in a leading position in several industries and fields Cloud-hub (mobile office), Kingdee Medical (mobile Internet hospital) and Express 100 are the first choice in the Chinese market.

Project Overview

Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kingdee) selects the traditional physical machine mode for its business deployment and transfers its front-end business to the public cloud platform through JD Cloud in combination with the characteristics of cloud service products such as flexibility and elasticity. Its back-end business is deployed with physical virtual machines. This realizes the deployment of a hybrid cloud scheme with the combination of the hosted cloud and the public cloud, and supports the whole background based on the architecture of the remote active-active mode. The core data is placed on the hosted cloud; the foreground business and the computing part are placed on JD public cloud. A hybrid cloud model for remote deployment is realized by means of tunnel interconnection. When the volume of business increases as a whole, it is only necessary to expand the front-end of the business horizontally and configure it flexibly.


JD Cloud provides cloud architecture solutions based on specific business system architecture of Kingdee:
1) Deploy Kingdee production environment and disaster recovery environment to data centers in different locations based on North China and South China data centers of JD Cloud to achieve dual location and achieve that the database delay is reduced to less than 30ms.
2) It adopts hybrid cloud architecture with no difference deployment and Auto Scaling of resources on demand, to reduce unit cost and realize unified operation management.
3) JD Cloud adopts physical machine deployment to ensure rapid response during peak business hours and easy to deal with concurrent pressure data services.
4) Provide load balancer cluster technology to solve the problem of load balancer performance bottleneck caused by large business concurrent HTTPS connections.

Customer’s earnings

Kingdee develops a dynamic hybrid cloud through JD Cloud so as to reduce enterprise costs, and greatly improve efficiency. Benefits are as follows:
1) Protect the original investment and reduce future investment in hardware: Kingdee purchased relevant hardware before, so it has protected the previous hardware investment through managed cloud service; JD Cloud's flexible scalability and on-demand payment can help Kingdee save its costs; Through the unified operation and maintenance management platform, tasks including resources monitoring and batch deployment can be completed quickly to reduce management costs.
2) Ensure business continuity: The high stability of JD Cloud is taken to ensure the production environment of Kingdee; We provide Kingdee customers with a remote active-active mode in different places through interconnected inter-provincial and municipal data centers of JD Cloud to correspond to single data center disaster or planned maintenance and support business continuity; Rapid adjustment and expansion of resources respond to unexpected services and backup for disaster recovery.
3) Tunnel technology is adopted to build high-speed connectivity in different places: Kingdee's production environments are deployed on public cloud in two places. High-speed network connection is constructed by using tunnel technology, and core data is deployed on managed cloud so as to realize the dual activity of the business system in different places; If public cloud and managed cloud are seamlessly connected to each other, the flexibility of the public cloud can be obtained and the data security can be protected furthest.
4) Authority is graded so as to realize different management for dissimilar services: On the basis of the functions of primary/sub-account number, the management authority of different businesses is graded and assigned to the management personnel of dissimilar businesses to customize authorization policies in accordance with customer scenario of the business.