Client cases > JD Cloud cooperated with Ele-Cloud to forge an integral "Internet tax" cloud platform.
JD Cloud cooperated with Ele-Cloud to forge an integral "Internet tax" cloud platform.

JD Cloud cooperated with Ele-Cloud to forge an integral "Internet tax" cloud platform.

Industry involved:
Internet Application
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Product using:
Virtual Machines  JCS for Redis  JCS for MySQL  Object Storage Service 
Application Type:
It is suitable for the customer of the Internet industry with rapid business growth and hosting demand.
Client cases

Customer Introduction

Ele-Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest Internet enterprises in the electronic invoice. In 2018, 200 million electronic invoices were issued by the company, saving the cost as high as hundred millions for the enterprise with the technical innovation of "Internet + Taxation".

Project Overview

The Ele-Cloud also faces the common difficulties of Internet enterprises while developing rapidly: IT support is the lifeline of a company; IT investment is huge; the difference between the demand peak and the demand trough is as high as dozens. The background database and cache performance will be extremely unstable and business efficiency and customer experience will be severely affected in case of instant influx of the peak business traffic per month. Task demands under this background include:
• reducing system construction and maintenance cost
• improving system performance and stability
• shortening early construction period and apply the service upon procurement


Ele-Cloud can provide enterprise users with electronic invoice issuance, generation, circulation, storage, delivery, entry of account, collection, inspection and other integrated solutions for all life processes; based on the features that Ele-Cloud business volume has obvious peaks and troughs, and it often encounters explosive growth during peak periods, JD Cloud offers the following solutions:
1) During the peak period of business, load sharing is realized by connecting load balancer at the frontend to solve the performance bottleneck; meanwhile, through health inspection to ensure the complete response of the client, to ensure business continuity and guarantee a good user experience.
2) As to the large concurrent access of database, JCS for Redis shall be used to cache the data request to greatly increase the QPS, and reduce the database pressure. Meanwhile, by using MySQL cloud database service and relying on the primary-secondary high availability architecture, the performance and security of data are guaranteed.
3) In view of the sudden rocketing of business volume, the system pressure is unpredictable, the number of visitors, the number of users and the concurrent amount are all unpredictable; the flexible expansion of the system is realized by providing Auto Scaling of computing resources and lateral expansion of resources.
4) Provide a combination of cloud storage and CDN technology and adopt CDN technology to distribute pictures and other contents to improve response speed and greatly enhance the experience of platform user.
5) Provide DDoS protection, Web application protection and other professional products, to ensure business security in an all-round, multi-dimensional way.
6) Adopt BGP network access, to ensure the user access across the country from the service point of view.

Customer’s earnings

After the JD Cloud platform is used, various business indicators of the Ele-Cloud are improved:
• The Company focuses on its own core businesses and does not need to put effort into IT construction except for basic operation and maintenance
• The system has no unexpected shutdown all over the year 2018 and reaches the availability of 99.99% as planned
• There are no troubles of business peak and trough, saving the cost to the maximum degree
• The proceeding rectification for the Cloud Development System will improve the developer’s efficiency by at least 30%