Client cases > JD Cloud cooperated with SuperMap to establish the "cloud map information sharing cloud platform".
JD Cloud cooperated with SuperMap to establish the "cloud map information sharing cloud platform".

JD Cloud cooperated with SuperMap to establish the "cloud map information sharing cloud platform".

Industry involved:
Big Data
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Product using:
Virtual Machines 
Application Type:
Applicable to customers with similar GIS solution requirements.
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Customer Introduction

SuperMap software is committed to R&D and promotion of autonomous SuperMap GIS basic platform software, forming leading superiority in such aspects as cross-platform, 2D &3D integration, cloud integration, domestic support and big data through sustainable innovation and a unique R&D management system. SuperMap Online GIS Platform ( was released in 2015, which is aimed at forging a new online application model and a nascent state of GIS basic platform products. In 2015, SuperMap was ranked the first in terms of market shares among all GIS basic platform software in China.

Project Overview

Relying on its technical advantages as a cloud GIS R&D and application pioneer, SuperMap cooperated with JD Cloud in the field of cloud computing and GIS data service. SuperMap online GIS platform provides "one-stop" online cloud service, and realizes online hosting and application of GIS data. SuperMap Online VM is the first VM integrated with GIS service in China. Based on mature public cloud technology, it can help the user to quickly establish a GIS server, reduce the construction costs and improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, enabling the user to pay more attention to core business. It is a kind of simple, efficient and elastic GIS cloud service.


Based on the business features of SuperMap GIS, its business is oriented to enterprise-level GIS users, it needs to ensure the high reliability, high availability and high security of VM, and there are a large number of GPU and database customer scenarios at the same time, and during the peak period of business, they often encounter a burst of business growth; JD Cloud provides the following solutions:
1. Render cloud and HPC; JD Cloud provides high-performance rendering solutions such as isomorphic multi-core parallel CP, multi-core parallelism, computing OpenMP/PThread parallelism in single node, cluster MPI parallelism, heterogeneous multi-core parallel, CPU+GPU heterogeneous collaborative computing, which can help GIS algorithm to finish deep rendering of graphics.
2. During the peak period of business, load sharing is realized by connecting load balancer at the frontend to solve the performance bottleneck; meanwhile, through health inspection to ensure the complete response of the client, to ensure business continuity and guarantee a good user experience.
3. As to the large concurrent access of database, JCS for Redis shall be used to cache the data request to greatly increase the QPS, and reduce the database pressure; by using MySQL cloud database service and relying on the primary-secondary high availability architecture, the performance and security of data are guaranteed.
4. In view of the sudden rocketing of business volume, the system pressure is unpredictable, the number of visitors, the number of users and the concurrent amount are all unpredictable. JD Cloud realizes flexible expansion of the system by providing Auto Scaling of computing resources and lateral expansion of resources.
5. Provide a combination of cloud storage and CDN technology and provide CDN technology to distribute pictures and other contents to improve response speed and greatly enhance the experience of platform user.
6. Provide DDoS protection, Web application protection and other professional products, to ensure business security in an all-round, multi-dimensional way.
7. Adopt BGP network access, to ensure the access by users across the country from the service point of view.

Customer’s earnings

With the help of SuperMap Online platform, SuperMap continuously gathers solutions, applications and services from all industries, and provides more deep-seated services for them by using big data mining technology, professional content and a virtuous circle sharing mechanism. Based on cloud computing and big data technology, JD Cloud supports the VM of the SuperMap online GIS platform and provides support for caching, capacity enlargement, security, operation and maintenance, etc. The values created for customers include:
1) Application acceleration is in combination with caching technology to improve response speed: In order to deal with the request delay caused by high concurrency, JD Cloud increases the response speed by overwriting distributed content of the CDN nodes nationwide, and in the meantime, it reduces database access pressure and improves user experience in line with the Redis request to cache data.
2) The problems of resource capacity enlargement and cost control during peak periods have been effectively dealt with: Aiming at meeting the extremely great deal of concurrent peak access, JD Cloud relies on the Auto Scaling of cloud computing resources to enlarge the capacity of the system flexibly so as to ensure the high availability of business and respond to business peaks at the lowest cost.
3) Reliable security protection ensures the security of business: JD Cloud provides professional DDoS protection and application protection so as to protect the security of the business furthest.
4) Different operator networks are supplied to ensure smooth access of users: We provide BGP network access for customers to ensure each user can have an experience in different regions.
5) We connect with a large number of data centers to effectively guarantee data security and disaster tolerance: Dedicated lines are used to achieve disaster tolerance and backup of remote data centers so as to effectively ensure business continuity and data security.