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Baozheng Packaging – one-stop packaging solution

Baozheng Packaging – one-stop packaging solution

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Customer Introduction

Integrated the resources of multiple domestic and overseas packaging enterprises, realized the service of one-stop online shopping and distribution, and improved the industrial information integration and the trading efficiency by establishing E-commerce platform. Integrated various resources (including industrial operation, marketing and design), realized the customized service capacity of C2M, enlarged overall benefit, and brought more service value for packaging-related organizations based on JD Cloud E-commerce platform

Project Overview

Beijing Baozheng E-commerce Co., Ltd. is a platform providing one-stop solutions to the packaging customers, which provides specialized services and one-stop packing solutions, and integrates industrial resources. JD, the largest self-support E-commerce platform in China, is responsible for providing technical support and promotion service. Rich and advanced marketing experience can be shared and exchanged. Possess experienced professionals in the packaging industry, and provide a series of complete services, including operation, marketing and design. Baozheng Packaging hopes to boost the optimization course of the packaging industry with professional services, forge an one-stop packaging solution platform, and brings forth service value for Chinese enterprises on the packaging-related industrial chain.


1. Analyze the industry characteristics of the packaging industry, plan product categories, construct one-stop B2B e-commerce platform solutions, and attract various suppliers, branding companies and purchasing agents in the packaging industry to move in the platform to realize on-line transactions.
2. Based on the personalized design feature of the packaging industry, realize the C2M personalized customization business service capability by embedding the image beautification tools.

Customer’s earnings

1.By establishing an E-Commerce platform, it has integrated many domestic and foreign packaging enterprise resources to provide online one-stop purchase and distribution services, and improved the information matching and transaction efficiency of the industry.
2. Based on the E-Commerce platform, by integrating the resources of industry operation, sales, design and other aspects, it has been capable of offering the customized service of C2M, expanded the scope of sales, improved the overall income of the industry, and created more service value to packaging-related industrial chain units;