Client cases > Jingsha Shoe City in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
Jingsha Shoe City in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Jingsha Shoe City in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

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Customer Introduction

With a covered area of more than 100,000m2, it is a commercial complex integrated with medium and high-end footwear retailing and wholesale. More than 1,000 shoe enterprises enter and are stationed here. It has already become a regional market of online and off-line transactions in Henan Province. Through JD E-commerce Cloud Platform, Jingshawang gradually formed a B2B shoe wholesale and purchasing platform mainly serving nationwide manufacturers, brand owners and end retailers, which directly connects with the upstream manufactures and brand owners by shortening the product supply chain, and serves various end retailers and online shops with the most reasonable wholesale prices.

Project Overview

1. E-commerce propagates its belief on a large scale. Decrease of off-line passenger flow;
2. Urban planning, migration of specialized market;
3. The customer service capacity of traditional market cannot meet the needs of mobile Internet era;


1. JD e-commerce platform system (PC and APP);
2. Focus on development and operation plans towards new users;
3. Marketing plans based on communication methods through WeChat channel;

Customer’s earnings

1. From the display platform to the trading platform;
2. Industrial competitiveness: Multi-link services including information, trading, finance and logistics
3. User experience: Connecting merchant services
4. Internet + B2B2C benchmark