Client cases > JD Cloud multicloud helps Weconex build big transportation ecology
JD Cloud multicloud helps Weconex build big transportation ecology

JD Cloud multicloud helps Weconex build big transportation ecology

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Object Storage Service  Message Queue  JCS for MySQL  Network Load Balancer  Virtual Private Cloud 
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It is applicable to customers with requirements for multicloud
Client cases

Customer Introduction

Weconex Group is a leading enterprise in the industry of China transportation card system and operation service. With the company operation principle of green travel and public transport priority, it commits itself to providing complete and efficient supporting platform for the interconnection and internet-orientation of China transportation service to build new transportation system of "travel with one card, go home with one ticket, overall coverage and accurate service".
Weconex has set up four major service platforms for the public transportation industry: supporting platform of transportation card interconnection, intelligent service platform of transportation customer service, supporting platform of transportation service of Internet-orientation, operation supporting platform of mobile phone transportation card and electronic ticket. In order to satisfy users' requirements of individuation, diversity, deep travel experience, and overseas convenient payment for consumption, Weconex jointly builds "DeerTrip™" one-stop travel solution with strategic partners such as operators and financial institutions to implement global transportation integration and it also cooperates with service providers of "food, accommodation, transportation, tour, shopping and entertainment" to establish a global transportation service ecological alliance.

Project Overview

1. With the rise of mobile phone scan code payment, financial IC card payment and other new payment methods, taking bus mode by using entity transportation card has transformed. Taking advantage of new technologies such as cloud computing, Weconex helps China T-union operating institution accelerate its mode innovation, cultivate new products, new modes, and new commercial format, and accelerate to implement digitization and intelligence.
2."DeerTrip™" App needs powerful background system for support. The platform involves system connection to many cooperative institutions, which puts forward high requirements to Weconex platform's system architecture, clearing and settlement capacity, service responding speed.
3. The solution of self-built IT infrastructure faces 3 challenges: first, it needs vast investment of fund and manpower in terms of basic environment and operation and maintenance personnel; second, self-built infrastructure has a certain limitation on rapid deployment, rapid expansion, security protection, etc.; finally, the major businesses of Weconex are distributed across the country and its overall business adopts distributed architecture that needs multiple regions deployment. In conclusion, using cloud is the best choice for Weconex.


1. Multicloud architecture of proprietary cloud and public cloud. The multicloud architecture provided by JD Cloud supports four major service platforms of Weconex Group and "DeerTrip™" App, which helps Weconex rapidly construct more efficient, stable and secure applications. The core data of Weconex are stored in proprietary cloud, which isolates risks to the largest extent to ensure the security of confidential data. Business applications are deployed in public cloud. Users access network through high speed BGP. With load balancer, large concurrent traffics are distributed to multiple static resource servers and services in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) are connected through static resource servers. Multiple virtual machines are used in virtual private cloud, of which, JCS for Redis service, configuration management, service management, MySql database and message queue can guarantee normal response in the case of high concurrency. The number of servers can be adjusted at any time by elastic expanded function. On the one hand, it can satisfy requirements of data security, and physical isolation of payment scenarios; on the other hand, it can obtain characteristics of public cloud's auto scaling and use by need.Payment platform, App background, and customer service system are isolated from each other. Use different virtual private cloud (VPC) connection to guarantee service running while other failed services cannot lead to related impact so as to improve the stability.Using auto scaling mechanism of public cloud to guarantee the stability and efficiency for uses in the case of high concurrency of traffic, reduce IT cost, offer 24 hours operation and maintenance security protection and guarantee business security in the cloud.
2. Super HA high availability architecture ensures reliability of business. JD Cloud's original Super HA high availability architecture protects Weconex's business continuous operation with physical distributed disaster tolerance deployment solution of three dimensions of region, availability zone (AZ) and fault domain (FD).
3. Full Link Pressure Testing Service. By continuous iteration for relatively long time, the full link pressure testing system of JD Cloud helps Weconex address high concurrency so as to guarantee the stability and performance of system.
4. Exclusive Security Service Support DDoS protection, website security protection, endpoint security protection, big data security analysis, content security, vulnerability analysis management, security monitoring, security consulting and other services provided by JD Cloud help Weconex build the complete security protection system.

Customer’s earnings

1. Business innovation: Based on cloud service provided by JD Cloud and combined with big data, artificial intelligence (AI), mobile informatization, NFC (Near Field Communication technology), TSM (Trusted Service Manager platform) and other key technologies, Weconex has developed "DeerTrip™" App to provide solution for cross-border traffic integration. "DeerTrip™" has integrated public transportation service for 4 provinces and 50 cities such as Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shaanxi and He'nan, which provide 300 million users with global public transportation travel service interface, multiple cross-border payment methods, destination information service, multiple countries AI customer service, etc. At present, JD Cloud helps Weconex improve service efficiency by 300%, reaching 95% of customer satisfaction.
2. High management efficiency: The cloud service provided by JD Cloud facilitates Weconex to have more powerful management capability, which implements remote synchronization management, sharing, and backup for various businesses. Weconex can cooperate with different enterprises and even different industries both internally and externally.
3. Saving cost: The cloud service provided by JD Cloud helps Weconex reduce its device cost, avoiding expenditure of purchasing a large number of IT devices, renting machine rooms and cabinets. The human cost also has been cut down, because Weconex dosen't need to provide staff for maintenance while JD Cloud provides professional staff to perform maintenance and operation management.
4. Enhance competitiveness: JD Cloud helps Weconex free itself from fussy server deployment and maintenance and enables it to focus on its businesses with more energy.