Client cases > Assist to Provide Stable Intellectual Property Protection
Assist to Provide Stable Intellectual Property Protection

Assist to Provide Stable Intellectual Property Protection

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Internet Application
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Virtual Machines  Cloud Disk Service  Virtual Private Cloud  Load Balancer  Object Storage Service 
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Suitable for Internet Business Type
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Customer Introduction

IP Cloud is a leading SaaS cloud platform promoted by in the industry, providing nine core functions and services to enterprises based on AI technique, cloud computing and big data, such as intelligent experience, intellectual property hosting, intellectual property radar, intelligent renewal, scientific and technical project application, intellectual property risk warning, intellectual property safe box, intellectual property transaction selection and value reports.
Now, it has integrated data of the intellectual property industries and summarized business information data of 120 million enterprises, 38 million trademark data, 75 million patent data, 20 million domain data, 7 million copyright data, 30 million technical project policies and 30 million judgment documents, providing powerful data support for enterprises and becoming a complex intellectual property cloud service system of intellectual property software + intellectual property service.

Project Overview

As digital transformation becomes a trend of time, the intellectual property will act as the core of technical innovation and also the important booster for industrial development and quality revolution. IP Cloud focuses on becoming an AI and big data platform with respect of enterprises’ intellectual property. With its benefits in resources of intellectual property rights and professional services, It can realize transformation upgrade and value of enterprise efficiently and conveniently in a "software + service" mode.
Based on features of JD Cloud products, such as flexibility, elasticity and stability, it has carried out cooperation with IP Cloud in aspects such as product authorization, marketing, technical operation and maintenance, customer services, etc., realizing double-cloud driving, promoting digital transformation and upgrade through industrial upgrade via intellectual property empowerment, quickening launching progress of "Internet +" and creating a high-value cloud biological service system.


After fully understanding business demands of, the following solutions are provided by JD Cloud based on business features of high data size, business launch emergency, rapid iteration of new business and demands of aperiodic uploading mass data of marketing activities and in combination with its business features.
• With the invested service resources, the customer has completely migrated 120T data to JD Cloud within half a month under our coordination, successfully meeting the period requirements of new business launch.
• As the data uploading volume is high and the schedule is tight during the marketing activity, JD Cloud will customize a data transmission service and provide on-line transmission tools and off-line uploading service channel to meet aperiodic business access demands;
• Set up the dual-center active-active mode for the city-wide business and improve the business activity to 99.99%
• Customized service guarantees the 7*24 minute-level response and provides high-level business guarantee to

Customer’s earnings

• The customized data migration service scheme solves the urgent demand for business launch, greatly saves labor investment cost and meets the business iteration feature
• Temporary data bulk adjustment is frequently made during marketing activities, bring great difficulties to the operation and maintenance department with respect to resource preparation; after bringing in JD Cloud, data transmission can be completed in a short time and there is no need to worry about resource preparation, regardless of data bulk adjustment frequency
• The local active-active architecture scheme meets the urgent demand for high-availability business of
• Response to full life cycle service greatly reduces operation and maintenance complexity for customers