Client cases > JD Cloud helps 9kacha smoothly complete Migration and JD Cloud Onboarding of the system
JD Cloud helps 9kacha smoothly complete Migration and JD Cloud Onboarding of the system

JD Cloud helps 9kacha smoothly complete Migration and JD Cloud Onboarding of the system

Industry involved:
Internet Application
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Product using:
Virtual Machines  JCS for Redis  Object Storage Service  JCS for Memcached  Message Queue 
Application Type:
Suitable for Internet Business Type
Client cases

Customer Introduction

"9kacha" is a domestic initiative information and service provider vertical to the wine industry based on image recognition and search technology, taking the "visual" wine database as the core, which searches, collects and shares all kinds of wine information through the convenient way of "taking picture of wine label and recognizing wine" to provide wine lovers and wine suppliers with simple and professional information and purchasing services.

Project Overview

Services of 9kacha are divided into two sets, one set is specially for providing picture-taking purchase business for JD Mall, which has been deployed on JD Cloud in 2018; the other set is the complete business system and official website of 9kacha, deployed on other Cloud services. Based on the consideration of cost and the recognition of JD Cloud products and services, the customer started the work of migrating its business system and official website to JD Cloud in early November 2018, and the JD Cloud Onboarding Test and Onboarding Migration Services were provided to 9kacha customer by architects of JD Cloud team.


Under the circumstance that the customer business is already in the cloud environment, the architects of JD Cloud Service Team will make a specific analysis according to the customer’s business situation, drive and assist the customer in adjusting system interface at business level while helping customer find alternative solutions. In JD Cloud Onboarding Migration service, the architect will develop the migration plan for the customer, assist the customer in migration of application, document and database, help the customer successfully migrate applications and data to JD Cloud within the scheduled time and ensure smooth switching and normal operation of customer business during migration. In JD Cloud Onboarding test, the architect will test the functions and performance of JD Cloud products in combination with the current situation of business and used products in coordination with the customer, provide feasible alternatives to non-conforming product functions and assist customer in validation tests to finally achieve the migration requirements of the customer.

Customer’s earnings

• Enjoy more perfect and efficient big customer services of JD Cloud.
• After the business system and official website of 9kacha are migrated to JD Cloud, 15% cost optimization is achieved.
• Based on the public cloud product features of JD Cloud, it ensures the high availability of the underlayer resources of the customer business system, so as to improve the stability of the customer business system.