Client cases > JD Cloud helps JD MO Media smoothly complete Migration and JD Cloud Onboarding for the system.
JD Cloud helps JD MO Media smoothly complete Migration and JD Cloud Onboarding for the system.

JD Cloud helps JD MO Media smoothly complete Migration and JD Cloud Onboarding for the system.

Industry involved:
Internet Application
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Product using:
Virtual Machines  JCS for Redis  Object Storage Service 
Application Type:
Advertising media customers
Client cases

Customer Introduction

JD MO Media is a nationwide leading offline advertising AdEx trading platform. Based on big data analysis and AI technology and taking cloud computing, IoT and perceptual computing as core, it empowers enterprises through big data analysis and AI technology. It realizes complete digitization of offline business ecology from hardware, resources, technology and application to business, and help enterprises gradually accomplish digitization transformation. The company is committed to providing offline advertising SSP services, online and offline advertising DSP services, advertising software and hardware solutions, big data analysis solutions for media companies, advertising firms and advertisers.

Project Overview

In order to meet the rapid development and stability of the businesses and the group's compliance requirements, customers need to migrate their systems to JD Cloud. It needs to ensure the stability, safety and high efficiency of the migrated system to large-scale commercial level while ensuring the smooth running of the existing businesses. Customers in the process of migration environment selection compared the two environments of traditional IDC and JD Cloud. JD Cloud has obvious benefits in terms of fast and convenient access to resources, richness and matching degree of cloud products, professional degree of service and technical support.


• Before JD Cloud Onboarding migration for customer businesses, the architects of JD Cloud service team deeply understood the characteristics of customer's system and businesses, performed specific analysis for the business situation of the customer, jointly developed HA and high complete architecture solution with technical personnel of the customer and provided perfect JD Cloud Onboarding architecture design, migration implementation plan and migration guarantee plan for the customer.
• During the process of JD Cloud Onboarding migration, the architects and JD Cloud technical provided full support and escort for the customer to ensure an efficient, secure and stable migration process.
• At the running stage after JD Cloud Onboarding, the architects and JD Cloud product team have worked together to ensure the smooth running of the customer system, and efficiently solve the security, function, performance, stability and other issues raised by the customer in the process of using cloud products, so as to ensure the long-term smooth running of the customer system.

Customer’s earnings

• The business system of JD MO Media has implemented cost optimization after migrating to JD Cloud.
• Guarantee underlying resources of the customer business system to be highly available based on the public cloud product features of JD Cloud, so as to improve the stability of customer business system.
• Enjoy more perfect and efficient big customer service of JD Cloud.