Client cases > JD Cloud helps TLWOK build a new benchmark for e-commerce platform in vertical industry
JD Cloud helps TLWOK build a new benchmark for e-commerce platform in vertical industry

JD Cloud helps TLWOK build a new benchmark for e-commerce platform in vertical industry

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Virtual Machines  Cloud Disk Service  JCS for MySQL  JCS for Redis  Load Balancer 
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Enterprises have offline industrial base, wishing to upgrade and transform on the industrial Internet
Client cases

Customer Introduction

Zhuhai Lehuo Gongshe Network Technology Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by Zhuhai Hengqin Tango Investment Holding and the Industry Alliance. Lehuo Gongshe is China’s first businessman community in the large office industry, covering more than 300 cities in China, whose services are provided by Zhuhai "Lehuo Technology". Such community advocates the healthy development concept of "Enjoy office, enjoy life", and uses mobile Internet tools and Tango’s industrial benefits in the large office industry to serve the government, enterprises and public institutions.

Project Overview

TLWOK is a large office B2B industry e-commerce platform built by Zhuhai Lehuo Gongshe Network Technology Co., Ltd. together with JD Cloud. It integrates industrial supply chain resources, serving transactions, finance, and logistics supply chain links in the large office industry, which is committed to improving the online transaction efficiency of brand owners/manufacturers, distributors and retailers, integrating resources and establishing new business models, relying on traditional industry benefits of the investors and the solid offline foundation and JD big data technology and platform professional customized services.


JD Cloud, along with Lehuo Gongshe, will together create a B2B vertical industry benchmark for office supplies, and it expects to make TLWOK a unicorn in the office supply industry. The following solution is provided:1) Consultation Service: Lehuo Gongshe is assisted in collating the strategic direction, business mode, profitability mode and execution policy and in avoiding the risks during development, based on the development experience of JD Mall and the judgment and research on B2B industry.2) Data Service: JD Mall’s transaction data are extracted, desensitized and modeled, and the industry report required by large-scale office enterprise brands is analyzed and output, and enterprises are assisted in providing suggestions and support for regional coverage policies, product optimization and customer service.3) Operation Service: Marketing, Customer Service, purchase and sales, merchant management, rulemaking, etc. are, through extraction of the operating experience of JD Mall, compared and combined with the actual operation of TLWOK, rapidly enhancing the overall operating system and service level of TLWOK.4) Technical Product: The B2B service platform based on Internet microservice, distributed architecture and SAAS.

Customer’s earnings

Build one-stop office supplies procurement platform to lay a technical foundation for the strategic development of Lehuo Gongshe. Build a large office B2B platform to help the group provide important support for the Internet transformation of the large office industry; retail clients increase rapidly from platform launch to now, covering more than 300,000 retail clients until now; in terms of sunshine governmental procurement, it has acquired the military office supplies procurement business in Hu’nan Province, Sichuan Province, Guangdong Province, He’nan Province and Sichuan Chongqing, the transaction volume has exceeded RMB 100 million in a single month, including planning to exceed RMB 183 million in a single day on November 11 this year.