Client cases > JD Cloud helps China Cloud Win-Win to build the non-vehicle carrier platform of high-availability architecture
JD Cloud helps China Cloud Win-Win to build the non-vehicle carrier platform of high-availability architecture

JD Cloud helps China Cloud Win-Win to build the non-vehicle carrier platform of high-availability architecture

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Virtual Machines  Object Storage Service  JCS for MySQL  DevOps 
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Industrial customers including logistics and warehousing
Client cases

Customer Introduction

China Cloud Win-Win, jointly established by China Cloud Technology and Tangshan City Win-Win Logistics Co., Ltd., is a company specializing in the logistics board of Win-Win Group. China Cloud Win-Win provides professional comprehensive logistics solutions for manufacturing enterprises and third-party logistics enterprises. It owns an expert team with solid professional knowledge and rich experience of logistics consultation and information development, and uses the cloud computing technology to provide basic supports for the implementation of businesses so as to lead the business development and realize the data-driven businesses.

Project Overview

China Cloud Win-Win's non-vehicle carrier system mainly undertakes the management and operation between vehicle and vehicle, person and person, and person and vehicle, and provides the WEB and APP clients for customers. Its core subsystems include order management, transport management and settlement management, with functions such as online order releasing, order grabbing, payment and follow-up of transport progress. The customer business is already in the cloud environment. Based on recognition of JD Cloud products and services, we decide to migrate the business to JD Cloud. The main problem we consider prior to the migration is that how to quickly localize the problem and rapidly recover the business when the customer system is unavailable. Upon the discussion between the customer and JD Cloud's architects, it is determined that we will migrate the main environment to JD Cloud, and the original cloud environment at earlier stage shall be taken as the disaster recovery environment. The high availability of the system of the three centers in two regions will be implemented through the cross-cloud disaster recovery business architecture.


Main targets of Phase I system migration are to migrate business systems from other cloud services to JD Cloud. To rapidly complete migration, architects design post-migration architecture scheme for customers on condition that the customer’s codes are not modified as much as possible. Output solutions for customers for targets of high availability, high performance, high security, operation and maintenance ability as well as expandability:High Availability:Change single instance deployment to multi-instance deployment, realize complete physical isolation for underlayer resources via features of JD Cloud products and realize Citywide Dual Active Solutions; for cross-cloud disaster recovery, JD Cloud architects help users design and implement cross-cloud disaster recovery architecture. High Performance:Provide customer with the system full-link voltage test, analyze system neck, propose optimization suggestion, guarantee that system concurrency is known and facilitate system expansion evaluation.High Security:Assess security risk for customers in combination with customer’s business scenario, make security reinforcement by accurately using security products and guarantee safe operation of Cloud System.Operation and Maintenance Ability:Make Devops solutions for customers, realize CI\CD automation as well as monitoring and alarming for resource and service with Devops products, guarantee system operation and maintenance ability and monitor system availability in real time.To realize customer’s cross-cloud disaster recovery scenarios, the customer needs to adopt JD Cloud as the main environment and original cloud environment as the disaster recovery environment, guarantee data consistency within time delay range through remote data synchronization. In case the main environment is abnormal, service can be handed over in the disaster recovery environment by changing domain DNS.In JD Cloud Onboarding Migration service, the architect will develop the migration plan for the customer, assist the customer in on-line migration of application, file and database, help the customer successfully migrate applications and data to JD Cloud within the scheduled time and ensure smooth switching and normal operation of customer business.

Customer’s earnings

• The business system is successfully migrated to JD Cloud. The high availability of the customer business system of the three centers in two regions will be guaranteed through the cross-cloud disaster recovery business architecture, thus improving the stability of the customer business system. • Enjoy the professional and efficient big customer service of JD Cloud. The features of cloud resources are utilized to the greatest extent through the customized architecture optimization, so that you can enjoy the bonus brought by the cloud resources.