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Beijing Jiuyun Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Jiuyun Technology Co., Ltd.

Industry involved:
Internet Application
Product using:
Virtual Machines  CDN  JCS for Redis  JCS for MySQL 
Application Type:
It is applicable to customers with public cloud business demand
Client cases

Customer Introduction

Beijing Jiuyun Technology Co., Ltd. is a cloud cooperation and cloud value-added operation service provider based its own cloud computing technology as well as one of the leaders in the multi-party communication industry. It has more than 10 years of product, technology and operation experiences in fields such as conference call, network meeting, video conference and network live video. It is dedicated to provide global government and enterprise customers with the leading full-fusion and unified communication cloud platform as well as value-added video and audio solutions.

Project Overview

Beijing Jiuyun Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiuyun) makes deployment with the public cloud mode and expects to place core data on the hosted cloud in combination with flexibility, elasticity and other features of the cloud service product with JD Cloud and to place its foreground business and computing part on the public cloud of JD Cloud. In this way, the flexible configuration can be made only by horizontally expand business foreground when the overall business volume increases.


1) JD Cloud provides Jiuyun with cloud architecture solutions according its specific business system architecture
2) A cloud video service platform will be set up by JD Cloud, so that the customers can customize expansion according their own demands without the need to purchase servers, deploy systems or transform network.
3) ISP Line integration scheme: A platform set supports functions such as voice, multimedia and high definition meeting

System Technology Scheme
1) Advancement principle:
The system design adopts the latest development direction of computer, network communication technology and video conference technology, thus being feasible and practicable
2) Stability principle:
When the system is designed, demands for dynamic migration and multi-backup of video conference shall be fully considered and comprehensive consideration shall be fully given to platform stability design, so as to eliminate single-point faults and guarantee uninterrupted 7x24h operation of the communication platform
3) Functionality principle:
In the system design process, various customer scenarios and various meeting models shall be considered to meet various business application demands from the communication method level
4) Usability principle:
When various application demands are met, the platform shall fully consider usability as for application to the extent that even the general technician without any technical background of video conference is able to hold a meeting by using the platform
5) Development ability principle:
When a platform is constructed, it shall fully consider foresight of future applications as well as continuous update. So that the platform can fit to new business demands with development of the times
6) Security principle:
Confidential of JD Cloud PLUS Meeting is very essential. Therefore, the cloud video platform selected for use shall have great encryption function so as to encrypt meeting processes and communication contents

Customer’s earnings

Jiuyun builds the video conference solutions under assistant of JD Cloud, reducing enterprise cost and greatly improving efficiency at the same time. The following earnings will be realized:
1) No hardware input is required: By adopting flexible SaaS service and the pay-as-you-go mode of JD Cloud conference, the enterprise cost is saved; with the unified operation and maintenance platform, the hardware cost is reduced
2) Flexible conference meetings are provided: point-to-point conference, multi-point conference, double-stream conference, exclusive conference, data conference, template conference, etc.
3) Streaming media service: live broadcasting, live broadcasting is available for convention and hearing of government departments. Recorded broadcasting, collaborative conference recording and filing. VOD, meeting recording, multi-media data VOD and management. Switch from live broadcasting to conference: one-click switch from live broadcasting to two-way video conference