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Administration Committee of Chuzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone

Administration Committee of Chuzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone

Industry involved:
Government Affairs Cloud
Product using:
AI Operation Center for City  JDStack 
Application Type:
Complement the local industrial ecologic chain to realize the industrial intelligent transformation and upgrade;
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Customer Introduction

Chuzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone was founded in June 1992, and was approved as a China National Economic and Technical Development Zone by the State Council on April 10, 2011.
Developed for more than 20 years, Chuzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone has been the window of Chuzhou opening to the outside world and an important growth pole of economic development in Chuzhou. Meanwhile, a new generation of emerging industries such as information technology, new basic application materials, intelligent manufacturing and robots and biotechnology are being vigorously cultivated and developed.
Over the years, Chuzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone has been committed to scientific and technological innovation and accelerating transformation and upgrading. The regional competitiveness and influence are constantly enhanced, and it was successively awarded with "China Top 10 Innovative Development Zones", "Top 30 National Economic & Technological Development Zones with Comparative Competitive Advantages", "China’s Most Valuable Development Zone" and "Base of National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading (Household Appliance) in Chuzhou".

Project Overview

JD Cloud built a "Smart Household Appliance Industry Innovation Center" with the Municipal Government of Chuzhou and the Administrative Committee of Economic Development Zone of Chuzhou and settled its JD Cloud Innovation Space and Digital Economy Industrial Park in Chuzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone, so as to create an ecological chain for the local intelligent household appliances industry from aspects of product innovation, products sales, supporting supply chain to industrial agglomeration, so that Chuzhou household appliances industry could be empowered as a whole.


Solutions and Services:
1. Operation Empowerment: Introduce e-commerce operation companies for household appliance enterprises to Chuzhou by providing upstream green channels and industrial operation resources of JD Mall, and operation services such as e-commerce training, campus-enterprise cooperative production and teaching integration, marketing resources and logistic and warehousing, help the enterprises expand their on-line sales and export from the two aspects of efficiency and effectiveness, and provide the local with manpower to support sustainable development; introduce the logistic superior resources of JD Group, land the first national household appliance warehouse at the production place, so as to minimize the logistics cost and improve the product profit margin for local home appliance enterprises.
2. Platform Empowerment: Establish strategic cooperation relationships with China Testing & Inspection Institute for Household Electric Appliances, the local household appliance leading enterprises Yangzi Group and Konka, fully mobilize the industrial innovation resources and the resources of the leading enterprises, integrate forces to achieve "Household Appliance Intelligentization", and build an intelligent household appliance industrial gathering place with the local enterprises. Use JD's intelligent resources to help household appliance enterprises make intelligent transformation, create smart home appliances in vogue, and help local enterprises improve their on-line sales, thus driving off-line sales and activating local production lines.
3. Technical Empowerment: Introduce intelligence industry resources such the household intelligent solutions of JD IoT and Zhongguancun Intelligent Hardware Industry Alliance, and assist the research and development of intelligent household appliance products by coordinating with the cloud computing, big data, industrial incubation capability, etc. of JD Cloud.
4. Business empowerment: Provide the local enterprises with ideas and orientation for intelligent product innovation via JD big data whole industrial chains analysis and consumer profile. By introducing advanced product innovation design courses in China, JD has help household appliance enterprises in Chuzhou to understand consumer needs more accurately based on the locational conditions in Chuzhou so as to promptly iterate and update products.

Solution Architecture and Product List:
1. Land one park and three centers. JD Cloud (Chuzhou) Digital Economy Industrial Park, JD Cloud Industry Innovation Center, E-commerce Operation Center, and New Economy Exhibition Center
2. JD Cloud (Chuzhou) Urban Industry Service Platform
3. JD Cloud (Chuzhou) AI Operation Center for City (AIOC)
4. JD Cloud (Chuzhou) Industrial Operation Data Management Platform (BDP)
5. Chuzhou Food E-commerce Public Service Platform

Customer’s earnings

Under the vigorous support of the government, JD has actively invested industrial operation resources such as e-commerce training, marketing promotion and logistics storage, and introduced intelligent technologies such as big data and IoT to mobilize more and more household appliance enterprises for transformation and upgrade. Through a series of activities carried out in the Intelligent Household Electrical Appliances Festival, the high-end customer capability and e-commerce marketing capability in enterprise services have been improved, the profit rate of household appliance manufacturers has been increased, the sales have been promoted, the on-line shopping market share of household appliance in Chuzhou has been improved so as to help enterprises to digest their inventory and promote their production. Among them, in the first session of Chuzhou Household Electrical Appliances Festival, three Chuzhou enterprises, KONKA White Goods, Yangzi Air Conditioner and KKTV directly signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with an annual sales volume of RMB 2.3 billion with JD Mall; in the second session of Chuzhou Household Electrical Appliances Festival, 10 intelligent products of Chuzhou’s local electrical appliances were launched on JD platform for the first time, and meanwhile, an annual contracted sales of more than RMB 6 billion was signed. Overall, it has improved the brand influence of Chuzhou's leading enterprises in household appliances and the intelligent household appliance industry of Chuzhou, and helped Chuzhou build an important national intelligent household appliances industry agglomeration development base.