Client cases > JD Cloud assists Shinewonder Technology to set up a super rendering center
JD Cloud assists Shinewonder Technology to set up a super rendering center

JD Cloud assists Shinewonder Technology to set up a super rendering center

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Internet Application
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Virtual Machines  Cloud Disk Service  Virtual Private Cloud 
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Suitable for customers with Internet business
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Customer Introduction

Beijing Shinewonder Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2009, focuses on providing rendering cluster management software, rendering cluster solutions and cloud rendering service. Shinewonder rendering cluster management software and rendering cluster solutions have been widely applied to industries such as video, animation, architectural visualization, cartoon base, television station and vocational colleges. At the second half of 2013, Shinewonder launched the industry-leading cloud rendering platform "Shine Cloud", leading the rendering service industry. In 2014, Shinewonder finished the Series A Financing and became the first enterprise realized financing in the industry. The 3D animated cartoon series Legend of a Rabbit and the series Great Bug made with Shinewonder software and schemes have been released in cinemas in China.

Project Overview

Shinewonder Technology has created high-speed rendering clusters with high-frequency Virtual Machines provided by JD Cloud. With deep professional technology capacities of JD Cloud, the R&D Department has continued in exploring and discovering in accordance with Shinewonder Technology’s demands. Finally, the Virtual Machines which are deeply optimized from the views of performance and stability are adopted. In cooperation with high-speed Cloud Disk Service and network, the rapid distribution and preheating mechanism is adopted to increase rendering cluster starting speed by times, providing Shinewonder Technology with capacities to assist more enterprises in increasing their working efficiency and bettering their visual performance.


1、 性能稳定的高频云主机处理器。由于炫我科技的渲染业务方式对处理器的稳定性要求非常高,针对于这方面独特的需求,京东云技术团队打造了几百台云主机性能非常一致的集群。
2、 定制化的系统预热机制。由于炫我科技的系统镜像会随业务变化,传统的系统预热机制不能满足客户需求,经过分析炫我科技业务及京东云云主机特性,京东云研发团队利用精湛的技艺,用简洁的方式完成炫我科技系统预热,达到快速启动的功能。
3、 7*24小时客户服务。由于炫我科技的业务会批量的启动主机,对网络和硬盘有很大的冲击,为了保证炫我科技业务顺畅,京东云的客成团队付出了艰辛的努力保证炫我科技业务顺利上云。

Customer’s earnings

1. The high-performance JD Cloud Virtual Machines can help customers built the first-class super rendering center, realizing more and faster delivery and assisting full-speed development of customers’ businesses.
2. JD Cloud Virtual Machines adopts the pay-on-demand mode, eliminating the risk of the customer’s high investment at one time. Customers can adopt the pay-as-you-go mode to solve their project fund turnover issues and invest more funds in business expansion.
3. Customers no longer need to worry about the daily operation and maintenance, thus saving their efforts and resources. JD Cloud will provide all-around after-sales service, covering customers technical issues.