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The People’s Government of Xianyou County

The People’s Government of Xianyou County

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Based on front technical innovation and quality service empowerment of JD Cloud and with innovation drive and digital empowerment, it is expected to solve five major pain points for Xianzuo industrial development, such as "raw material, supply chain finance, marketing and brand quality, talent and logistics", promote industrial transformation, upgrade as well high quality development of the arts and crafts in Xianyou, work on the global arts and crafts industry, create the 100-billion-level industrial cluster of arts and crafts industry, create the first brand of the global arts and crafts industry with the power of discourse and create the deeply-fused digital and economic platform benchmark of national "arts and crafts industry + Internet".
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Project Overview

On December 2018, JD Cloud conducted the overall strategic cooperation with the People’s Government of Xianyou County based on the advantages of Xianyou County, such as the characteristic arts and crafts industry, regional traffic, development backland, biological environment, cultural deposits and county region system, jointly promoting 100-billion-level industrial cluster creation, industrial transformation and upgrade as well as economic benchmark of platform. Based on JD (Xianyou) Digital Economy Industrial Park, the buildup effect of the rosewood industry is formed at first, improving regional industrial competitiveness and empowering the industry with new drives. Mainly implement the "131" plan, creating one platform, three centers and one research institute. One platform: Global (Xianyou) Arts and Crafts Exhibition and Trading Public Service Platform (mainly including the intelligent logistics supply chain system, the supply chain finance, the visual full process traceability system, the AR/VR exhibition platform, bulk commodity and forward business, etc.). Three centers: Global Arts and Crafts Big Data Center, E-Commerce Ecological Gathering Center and Industrial Innovation Service Center. One research institute: China "Xianzuo" Arts and Crafts Industrial Research Institute.


1. Operation empowerment: By providing upstream green channels and industrial operation resources of JD Mall, and operation services such as e-commerce training, campus-enterprise cooperative production and teaching integration, marketing resources as well as logistic and warehousing, operation service companies supporting the industrial chains were introduced and settled in Xianyou, helping the enterprises expand their on-line sales and export from the two aspects of efficiency and effectiveness and providing the local government with manpower to support sustainable development; and the logistic superior resources of JD Group are introduced and cloud warehouses are launched in the region, so as to minimize the logistics cost and improve the profit margin for local enterprises.
2. Platform empowerment: Promote traditional industrial transformation and upgrade with the economic platform thinking and creating the new benchmark of “digital + platform”. Integrate and share industrial resources, achieve cloud activation of Xianyou with respect to marketing, brand, innovative business and others, promote upgrade from four aspects of product structure, production, marketing and logistics and commit to realize the target for 100-billion-level industrial cluster of arts and crafts, to create the deeply-fused digital and economic platform benchmark of “arts and crafts industry + Internet”
3. Technical empowerment: With innovation drive and technical empowerment and under lead of big data and intelligence, buildup, collision and fused development of various innovation elements are promoted in Xianyou; based on JD (Xianyou) Digital Economy Industrial Park, the buildup effect of rosewood industry is formed at first, regional industrial competitiveness is promoted and new industrial drive is granted.
4. Business empowerment: Provide the local enterprises with ideas and orientation for intelligent product innovation via JD big data whole industrial chains analysis and consumer profile. By introducing advanced product innovation design courses to China, JD more accurately controls customer’s demands and rapidly makes product innovation.

Customer’s earnings

1 Improve cooperation relationship, keep tight relationship and promote project progress;
2 Improve project influence and "Xianzuo" popularity;
3 Promote marketing purpose via resources and reduce operation cost;
4 Positively promote external image of Xianyou County for propaganda