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Management Committee of Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base

Management Committee of Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base

Industry involved:
Government Affairs Cloud
Product using:
Virtual Machines  Data Middle End 
Application Type:
The industrial digital upgrade promotes the closed industrial chain from the worknode to the consumption node, cultivates innovation projects of hard and core technologies and creates the city card of the city of technology;
Client cases

Customer Introduction


Project Overview

Xi’an, as the intelligent node for national cloud data centers of JD, serves as the industrial support center and cloud service and business center of the economic circle of Shaanxi and even the whole Northwest region. With technologies of cloud computing and big data, it integrates JD’s capacities such as e-commerce, logistics and finance, promotes JD Cloud Onboarding for enterprises, branding, industrial chain cultivation and creating the first "on-cloud development zone".


1. Digital transformation of Shaanxi apple industry: Shaanxi Apple is a world famous brand and has the honor of national gift. Its yield accounts for one fourth of China and one seventh of the world. Under the guide of the Fruit Administration of Shaanxi Province, JD Cloud focuses on the fruit industry, empowers the Shaanxi fruit enterprises, enhances their digital technology capacities and realizes the target upgrade and span of the Shaanxi fruit industry toward the targets of "large scale, optical structure, high quality, bright brand and good effect". By creating the JD-Shaanxi Big Data Visual Platform for Sales of Apples, data of the full apple industrial chain are integrated, the macro and precise industrial profile of Shaanxi apple is provided and assistance to digital transformation and upgrade of the apple industry in Shaanxi is provided.
2. 100-billion-level industry creation of goat milk in Shaanxi: By organizing activities such as the 2nd World Conference of Dairy Goat Industry Development, the Summit Forum of the Development of 100 Billion Output Value of Goat Milk Industry in Shaanxi, the Unbounded Retail Experience Show of Shaanxi Goat Milk Brand, JD Cloud has quickly gathered tens of enterprises from the goat milk industrial chain, realized reputation of Shaanxi goat milk brand and significantly improved social influence and economic benefits.
3. Xi’an Hard & Core Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition: By virtual of a series of activities such as "JD Xi’an Session Hard & Core Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", JD Cloud has selected quality technological enterprises and provided optimization suggestions to technical products by cultivating the acceleration camp. By the end of 2018, totally 142 enterprises have been served and 6 enterprises have been deeply cultivated. Complete circulatory ecology cultivation systems have been provided to enterprises, assistance has been given to newly-established enterprises for their rapid growth, help has been provided to large-scale enterprises to improve their influence and assistance has been given to Xi’an hard and core technology industry for its economic and healthy development.

Customer’s earnings

1. JD Cloud realizes the digital drive for sales, digital production transform, digital brand promotion and digital industrial aggregation of fruit enterprises in Xi’an Aerospace Industrial Base. Now, more than 80 fruit enterprises from Shaanxi Province have been settled in the Base. The "Shaanxi Digital Apple Economy Summit" has been organized, the activity of "Launch of Thousands of Fruit Enterprises and 10-billion-level Industrial Aggregation in Aviation Industrial Base" has been initialized, the Promotion Week in Beijing of Apples from Shaanxi Province has been organized and the Online JD Festival of Apple from Shaanxi Province has been conducted. With these activities, the brand influence of fruit from Shaanxi Province is enhanced the promotion is improved (during the activities, the sales volume has been increased to 3500% on a year-to-year base);
2 JD Cloud has executed the Construction and Cooperation Agreement on National Apple Big Data Center with the Information Centre, Ministry of Agriculture, PRC, the Fruit Bureau of Shaanxi Province, Xi’an Aerospace Base and other organizations, for the purpose of setting up a provincial big data platform for apple production, supply and distribution, fusion of production data, logistic and supply chain data as well as on-line sales data, and realizing full-process monitoring from planting to users’ dining tables. By virtual of the big data application, JD Cloud was elected as the Standing Director Unit of Nationwide Apple Big Data Development Application and Coordination Group of the Ministry of Agriculture.
3. For the goals of gathering and cultivating hard and core technologies, registration and launch of projects of hard and core technological are guided, and assist & guide to market orientation, product design, technical research and development as well as market development are provided. Up to now, 11 enterprises of hard and core technologies have settled and registered under guide and 3 enterprises have gotten financing. Assist enterprises to realize application of technical results, quicken launch and conversion of scientific results, assist governments to realize citywide brand value promotion from regional-level industrial aggregation and assist creation of industrial cluster of new economy of aviation economy.