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Nanjing Qilin Technology Innovation Park

Nanjing Qilin Technology Innovation Park

Industry involved:
Government Affairs Cloud
Product using:
Virtual Machines 
Application Type:
Create a strategic highland of AI industry, promote intelligent transformation and upgrade of local enterprises and create intelligence industry cluster;
Client cases

Customer Introduction


Project Overview

With the overall goal of national innovative economy demonstration zone, JD Cloud and Qilin Technology Innovation Park Management Committee have introduced AI, related technologies of digital economy industry, talents and other advantageous resources, and created the intelligence industry highland which covers Nanjing and radiates the Yangtze River delta region and even East China based on Qilin.


Nanjing Qilin Industry Innovation Cloud integrates internal and external innovation service resources of JD.
Complete establishment of technical platform: Include cloud service resource and integrate technical middle-end service resources such as DevOps development and test CodePipeline, basic middleware, JD Distributed Service, container, NeuHub and AR/VR; construction of the platform provides supports to intelligent upgrade of multiple industrial enterprises.
In the AI robot industry, it provides customers with image recognition function of the QuickAI platform. Users can use the QuickAI platform for purpose of training based on the rich image data. The training APIs can be released via the APIs. In the industry of meteorological statistics and pollutant tracing field, customers can call the image recognition function of the platform to analyze weather conditions in the meteorological image. Meanwhile, based on the development and test environment provided, customers can easily make use of AI capacities by lowering the t threshold and promote product development if their own AI technical reserve is insufficient. In the intelligent agriculture field, customers need to meet the florescence recognition demands from their own products with face recognition, florescence pre-determination function and AI training platform. The general face recognition API and image recognition training platform are mainly used. The face recognition API can be directly called to conduct face comparison and the image recognition training platform can meet special authentication demands of users. Therefore, customers can directly call the function module of face recognition, realizing convenience and shortcut. Next, the florescence database established is used for training the florescence recognition capacity. For education and financing software development enterprises, new cloud architectures such as CodePipeline, Container and JD Distributed Service are developed and tested with DevOps, solving the problems of low development efficiency of traditional software and inflexible system architecture, upgrading software development architecture to system architecture carrying massive users and upgrading semi-automatic development to full-automatic development.
At the same time, various partners and resources are brought to the platform via many means such as large summits, startup championships, winter camps and off-line incubators, creating an intelligent ecosphere. The Fourth Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Conference was organized by the Qilin Technology Innovation Park and JD Cloud. JD Cloud will work with Qilin Technology Innovation Park to connect to top enterprises, experts and scholars of the AI field. Technical salons with the scale of more than 200 persons have been held in Nanjing, Shenzhen and other places. More than 10 product trainings have been organized to the product technicians. When the industrial brand of Qilin Technology Innovation Park was created, 40% enterprises of the park were empowered via the industry innovation cloud platform, helping Nanjing Qilin Park realize intelligence industry aggregation.

Customer’s earnings

Nanjing Qilin Technology Innovation Park has good software and hardware environment and resource quickening innovation and entrepreneurship and always highlighted development of innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, it has continuously enlarged support to enterprises and talent innovation and entrepreneurship, made deeply cooperation in cloud computing, IoT and AI with JD Cloud, assisted industrial aggregation and industrial development as well as jointly cultivate and support development and expansion of middle and small scale enterprises. Cooperated with the Global Innovation Center, JD Cloud was launched in the park, attracting advanced technologies, scientific results and high-end talents all over the world to settle in Qilin and providing a quality platform for development of middle and small scale enterprises.