Client cases > JD Cloud assists Kemai in empowerment to digitalization of retail and catering industry
JD Cloud assists Kemai in empowerment to digitalization of retail and catering industry

JD Cloud assists Kemai in empowerment to digitalization of retail and catering industry

Industry involved:
Internet Application
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Product using:
Virtual Machines  Cloud Disk Service  Virtual Private Cloud  Load Balancer  Elastic Network Interface 
Application Type:
Suitable for retail and catering industry
Client cases

Customer Introduction

Shenzhen Kemai Technology Co., Ltd., established in 1999, focuses on retail and catering operation types. With rich industrial experiences and keen business insight, it adopts advanced technologies such as cloud computing, Mobile Internet, AI and IoT and provides enterprises with digital service such as ERP software, mobile payment, omni-channel marketing and big data operation. By setting up the prospective smart business mode, assistance is given to enterprises in realizing commercial value in an overall manner. Kemai is headquarter in Shenzhen and has a large research and development center in Wuhan. Kemai has more than 1,000 partners all over China, with sales and service outlets spread all over China. With more than 400,000 terminal users that more than 3 million terminal devices run Kemai software per day. Kemai Technology is a national high-tech enterprise, an enterprise of AAA credit rating in the software industry of China and well as the organization from Shenzhen city, participating in preparation of the national standard Efficiency of System and Software. At present, it has about 120 computer software copyrights, about 10 patents and about 400 trademarks.

Project Overview

Efficiency increase and cost cutting are eternal themes for IT development. With sustaining innovations in IT technical applications, AI (A), big data (B) and cloud computing (C) has become the most critical factors for conversion from traffic-oriented consumption Internet into value-oriented industrial Internet. The Guidance on Promoting Enterprise JD Cloud Onboarding (2018-2020) issued by MIIT on Jul. 23, 2018 aims at driving enterprise’s acceleration of digital, network and intelligent transformation with cloud computing and promoting deep fusion among Internet, big data, AI and real economy. Cloud computing is progressing and enjoys popular support. Enterprise JD Cloud Onboarding has become a must for modern enterprise development.
Under the technical and era development trend, Shenzhen Kemai Technology Co., Ltd. held Kemai Digital Development Strategy Conference on Oct. 31, 2018 to release its three blockbuster digital strategy platforms, i.e. Kemai Cloud Platform, Kemai Operation Platform and Kemai Financial Service Platform. Kemai Cloud Platform supports customizing modules according to demands of terminal merchants, implements free combination of ERP functions, provides omni-channel data and traffic, help set up an ecological system for data interconnection and brings more value-added benefits to terminal merchants.
With secure, stable and reliable JD Cloud infrastructures and service, it covers diversified business scenarios, provides cost-effective basic cloud resources & service and powerful backend data processing & analysis for merchants. Based on Kemai ERP software service, it widely applies to retails, monopoly and catering etc., assisting commercial success of enterprises.


As the leading integrated cloud computing service provider in China, JD Cloud has the global leading cloud computing technologies and complete service platform based on long-term business practice and technical deposits in cloud computing, big data, IoT and Mobile Internet of JD Group. It commits itself to setting up a socialized cloud service platform and providing secure, professional, stable and convenient cloud service to the society.
For demands and pain points of JD Cloud Onboarding as for Kemai’s retail and catering digital solutions, JD Cloud provides the following solutions:
1. IaaS Basic Resource
Make use of JD Cloud IaaS cloud service, such as Virtual Machines, Cloud Disk Service, OSS and VPC;
2. PaaS Platform Service
Make use of JD Cloud SQL Server, Mysql, VPC-WAF and the like;
3. SaaS
Based on underlayer IaaS and PaaS service of JD Cloud, Kemai Cloud SaaS software service is deployed. The terminal merchants can use the service just by accessing the network. For example, JD YunDing, Yushang, Convenience Pro, Food Court, Smart CRM, Websale, Smart Order, Smart Cashier and other software service are provided.
To guarantee cloud business security, Kemai Cloud uses JD Cloud Application Security Gateway (VPC-WAF) Service. VPC-WAF a Web application security protection product based on high-performance Load Balancer cluster of JD Cloud, which guarantees stable and sustainable running of Web or APP business of Kemai Cloud and improve users’ experience by providing WAF function, business security visualization, BOT behavior management, compliance check and other functions.

Customer’s earnings

Based on secure, stable, reliable and elastic IaaS and PaaS service of JD Cloud, customer demands for quick deployment and quick business subscription are meet. In normal case, a business can be deployed and subscribed in one day, improving overall efficiency by more than 80%. Meanwhile, the overall consumption to basic resources by Kemai Cloud is efficiently aggregated, overall use cost to infrastructure is reduced and product competitiveness is improved.