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Monthly Publication of February
JD Cloud
Cooperation and Development Department Director
Li Xiaoyan
Editor's Notes
Based on cloud computing, JD Cloud has successfully empowered the government of many regions and many enterprises to carry out digital transformation to promote upgrade of local industries. In this month, we officially released The White Paper of JD Cloud Intelligent City (2019) and launched a series of"JD Cloud City Stories"videos, to display the policy and achievement on the construction of JD Cloud Smart City. Looking forward to the future, JD Cloud will continue to integrate the overall predominant resources of on-line store, logistics, finance and technology, to construct the structural forces. Through the new economic expert committee, in the new economic development strategy of the local government, the cooperative mode of "JD + Government + Expert + Industry" is strongly created. It is committed to become the preferred brand of trustable cloud service in China. Let us work hand in hand, foresee the unlimited possibilities.
Hot News Overview
JD Cloud released the White Paper of JD Cloud Smart City to make city life simpler and better
From the crisscross of paths in fields to the high-rise buildings, the city is quietly changing its appearance. What kind of city is most expected by people? JD Cloud recently released the White Paper of JD Cloud Intelligent City (2019) to declare launch of the "Smart City Partner" mode. In the White Paper, it shows the unique perception and interpretation of Smart City, construction path of Smart City and construction policy of Smart City to the outside world, and presents a beautiful blueprint for the future of the Smart City.
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City Insight

[Video Story: City x Reunion]The New Year is coming. It will display you that a piece of "jd-cloud" brings the travellers to return home for reunion >>

Reunion at the New Year is the expectation of every struggling out-of-town traveler. A piece of "jd-cloud" walks into Chongqing, bringing the parents struggling at a distance place back to their children. Since the signing of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on jointly promoting big data's Intelligent Innovation and Development by JD Group and the Chongqing People's Government, JD Cloud starts the cooperation with Nan’an District as well in succession. The parties carry out innovative cooperation in the aspect of Chongqing JD Digital Economic Industrial Base, etc.

[Video Story: City x Love]Approval "without meeting" is on-line; the service is "face-to-face" with everyone with heart >>

The upgrade of government affairs is changing our life quietly; the difficulties in handling affairs to the extent "running off feet" achieved gorgeous transformation with the help of cloud computing. After the new system of municipal cloud computing accumulation funds in Suqian goes on-line, it opens up the relevant government affairs automatically; it realizes the automatic examination and approval on-line, and the funds will be transferred to the account immediately upon being approved. Without meeting closely at the service window, but at the other end of the screen, there is cloud technology to meet with you face to face with heart.

[Video Story: City x Hometown]The apples get on the expressway of cloud computing; let’s see the big change of your hometown. >>

The apples spark with cloud computing; the hometown can also carry your poetry and distance. In the hinterland of the Loess Plateau and the Central Shaanxi Plain, there planted the excellent fruits belonging to Chinese people. JD Cloud. JD Cloud leads the establishment of a digital fruit industry alliance; opens up the data on production, circulation and sales and empowers the marketing of Shannxi’s apples all-round by means of science and technology, so that consumers around the world can taste delicious apples in Shannxi.

New Trends for the JD Cloud

The City of Realizing Dreams, JD Cloud is Going to Realize Its Dream of Constructing A Global Level Digital Ecology City in Beijing >>

JD Cloud and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology successfully signed "Beijing Big Data Action Plan of Social Institution Data Cooperation Framework Agreement" at City Sub-center of Beijing. In the future, the two parties will jointly play the leading role of big data in leadership decision-making, fine urban management and public services, and realize the dream of constructing a global digital ecology city in Beijing.

The New Business Card for Da Tong, "Da Tong and JD Cloud New Economy Exhibition Center" Launched >>

"Launching Ceremony of Da Tong and JD Cloud New Economy Exhibition Center" was successfully held in Da Tong. The new economy exhibition center of Da Tong JD Cloud jointly created by Da Tong Economic and Technological Development Zone and JD Cloud consist of four parts of "Cloud in Da Tong", "Intelligent Pingcheng City", "Great JD in Da Tong" and "Future Cloud", becoming a new economic business card that Da Tong attracts investments and talents, implements innovative drive, accelerates transformation and upgrade.

Taking the Lead on the New Track, "The East China headquarters of JD Cloud Intelligence Industry" was Established in Nanjing >>

The "Signing & Opening Ceremony for the East China headquarters of JD Cloud Intelligence Industry and JD Cloud Industrial Innovation Cloud Press Conference" was held in Nanjing. Focusing on the ecology development requirements of intelligence industry and digital economy industry, Nanjing Chilin Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone and JD Cloud jointly create "East China headquarters of JD Cloud Intelligence Industry", to assist Nanjing to be the "leader" of intelligence industry "new racing track".