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Editor’s note

Editor's notes
With the announcement of winners of 2018 “Trusted Cloud Service Award”, “Technology Innovation Award” and “Trusted Cloud User Award”, JD Cloud won technology innovation awards of container and storage and promoted Suqian City to win multiple honorary awards and pass the assessment in electronic government affairs. In the meantime, JD Cloud Innovation Space (Zhaoqing) was unveiled smoothly and agriculture cloud issued partnership plan of agriculture cloud. All those signify JD Cloud steps into a new stage in boosting urban economic development though technology.
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Technical innovation + enabling of government affairs, JD Cloud won several awards for credible cloud.
“TRUCS 2018” was held on August 14 in Beijing. In the conference, 2018 “Trusted Cloud Award”, “Technology Innovation Award” and “Trusted Cloud Award” were announced. JD Cloud won technology innovation awards of container and storage by means of “container virtualization technology” and “database technology”. Meanwhile, JD Cloud promoted E-government Affairs Office of Suqian City to win “Top 10 Users of Trusted Cloud” and pass “Comprehensive Assessment of Government Cloud” and “Assessment of Trusted Government Cloud”. Government cloud of Suqian City is selected as excellent case. “White Paper for Government Cloud Development in China”
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City Insight

Proper Interpretation on White Paper for Cloud Calculation Development (2018)

Cloud calculation has been developed into a large industrial scale after more than 10 years of development. To respond to the trend that enterprise focuses on safety more and more, many important persons in the industry were invited to “TRUCS 2018” to jointly explore the new road for innovative development of trusted cloud and cloud calculation. Li Wei, the Deputy Director CAICT Cloud Calculation and Big Data Research Institute, introduced the white paper in detail.

New thought for Rural Revitalization -Boosting Traditional Agriculture Based on Cloud Calculation and Bid Data >>

Base on Tongliang and Serve the whole city. “Shennong Brain” is the “agricultural brain” that Tongliang District establishes together with Chongqing Agriculture Commission, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce and JD, which is aimed to drive accurate supply through accurate demand. At demand side, apply big data to implement customer identification and accurate marketing, so as to boost production through sales; guide and monitor agricultural production in an intelligent manner through structural record and big data.

Since new technology decides economic stability, Chinese cloud calculation will yield CNY 430 billion. >>

According to Guidelines for Promoting Enterprise to Cloud Implementation (2018-2020) that Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued recently, cloud calculation is the concentrated reflection of information technology development and service mode innovation and the great reform and inevitable trend of information development. Supporting enterprise to Cloud is in favor of digital, networked and intelligent transformation of enterprise. Scale of Chinese cloud calculation industry will be expected to be CNY 430 billion in 2019.

New Trends for the JD Cloud

“Launch of Zhaoqing Cloud” writes a new chapter of “empowerment, agglomeration and win-win” >>

Zhaoqing Digital Creative Industry Summit themed with “empowerment, agglomeration and win-win” attracts guests from government, colleges and universities and enterprises. Witnessing Opening Ceremony of JD Cloud Innovation Space (Zhaoqing) and launch of “Guangzhou, Foshan and Zhaoqing” JD Crowdfunding Investment Fair, experts present discussed the new topic for JD boosting development of Zhaoqing.

JD Cloud Boosts Development of Changzhou and Builds Agricultural Product “+Internet” New Engine >>

“Changzhou Internet + New Agriculture Cloud Business Conference” was held in Changzhou on August 2. Themed with “Gathering in Tianning and Building the City of Dragon Jointly”, this activity explored new agricultural development direction under strategic background of “internet +”, so as to boost agricultural enterprise “+ internet” progress of Changzhou, accelerated launch of local agricultural products in JD.com and boost agricultural transformation and upgrading of Changzhou.

JD Cloud agriculture

Agriculture cloud of JD Cloud was shown in the 1st China Intelligent Pig Industry Practice Summit. Agriculture cloud of JD Cloud boosts intelligent agricultural production and circulation and boundless sales by building advanced digital agricultural platform and technological ecosphere. Meanwhile, it issues agriculture cloud partnership plan-boosting digital transformation of 100 agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises together with 10 strategic partners, building 10 models of intelligent agricultural industry and promote village revitalization.

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