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In July, there were many good news about JD Cloud, Forrester released the Full-Stack Public Cloud Development Platforms In China, Q3 2018. JD Cloud, as one of the fastest-growing cloud vendors, showed the industrial recognition of JD Cloud's service strength after its entry into the commercial use market. At the same time, JD Cloud has cooperated with many local governments to establish an industrial incubation centers and industrial chain cultivation centers, and create “Internet + industry” cluster centers and digital economic ecosystems. Through in-depth cooperation, JD Cloud empowers government construction and urban construction with its technology strength.
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JD Cloud Spent 18 Months into China's First-ranking of Cloud Computing
According to Forrester's latest cloud computing evaluation, JD Cloud made outstanding performance and the fastest progress The report shows that JD Cloud has shown a rapid growth trend in the cloud computing market in recent years. Forrester conducted a professional evaluation of JD Cloud in terms of product capabilities, strategic layout, market performance, etc. It is worth mentioning that in the strategic layout, JD Cloud scored close to full scores, and also received good praise in product capabilities and market performance.
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City Insight

The era of AI Beaming the "Smart Brain" of the Entire Yellow River Delta Region >>

With a series of in-depth cooperation between Shandong Province and JD Group, such as signing a strategic cooperation agreement and building a cloud computing big data industry base in the Yellow River Delta, the project has achieved remarkable and fruitful results. Advantageous technology empowerment and cutting-edge technology combination, in the construction of smart cities, all-round cooperation has promoted the new economic construction of local economic and technological development zones.

Chairman of China Light Industry Council: Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises Should Endeavor to be Technological Innovation Pioneers>>

“Let the people live a better life”, the China Light Industry Top 100 Enterprises Summit Forum was held in Beijing. The leaders of the China Light Industry Council released the list of top 100 light industry enterprises. At the event, it was pointed out that the top 100 light industry enterprises should be innovative, make breakthrough, grasp the trend, and stand on the forefront. Resources and technologies such as cloud computing and big data will guide the innovation of light industry products such as home appliances.

Interpretation of the Three-Year Action Plan for Cloud Computing Development (2017-2019)>>

After nearly 10 years of development, cloud computing has been developed from concept introduction into a new stage of widespread popularity and application prosperity. Nowadays, cloud technology has become an important support for improving the level of information-based development and creating new kinetic energy for the digital economy. Combined with the “Made in China 2025” and a series of “13th Five-Year” planning and deployment, the latest policy and news, interpret the Three-Year Action Plan for Cloud Computing Development (2017-2019), complied by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

New Move by Cloud

Promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship Culture, JD Cloud Helps Rural Revitalization >>

JD Cloud has the world's leading cloud computing technology and complete service platform. Based on infrastructure services, JD Cloud is committed to boosting innovation and entrepreneurship. Recently, the “Chongqing·JD 2018 Rural Revitalization Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” was held in Chongqing, to convene the peak confrontation of the maker teams, reflecting the innovative concept of JD Cloud to help rural revitalization. It is one of the “Internet + Rural Revitalization” cooperative innovation programs of Chongqing and JD Group.

“JD Cloud Pingyi Industrial Incubation Center” Licensing Ceremony Held in Pingyi >>

On July 21, the “JD Cloud Pingyu Industrial Incubation Center” licensing ceremony was held in Pingyi County. This incubation center is rooted in Pingyi and benefits the entire south region of Shandong Province, which not only consolidates the cooperation plan between Pingyi County People's Government and JD Group, but also gratifies the Yimeng people with the rapid development of the "Internet + New Economy" in the new era.

Cloud-led Industry Helps Rural Revitalization, Rural E-Commerce Opens "Zhaoqing Mode" >>

“Cloud-focused Industry Helps Rural Revitalization” 2018 Guangdong (Zhaoqing) Rural E-Commerce Industry Integrated Development Conference was held in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. At the conference, JD Cloud (Zhaoqing) Industrial Chain Cultivation Center and JD Cloud (Zhaoqing) Merchant Service Center held an unveiling ceremony. This center will rely on JD Cloud technology and industrial service standards to promote the upgrading and development of local enterprises, accelerate the integration of Zhaoqing's three industries, and help rural revitalization.

JD Cloud with Digital Guangxi Group Expanding the "New Space" of Digital Economy >>

JD Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. JD Cloud and Digital Guangxi Group will build an “Internet + Industry” infrastructure serving the whole of Guangxi; build an “Internet + Industry” cluster center; build a digital economic ecosystem; and establish Guangxi Digital Economy Industry Innovation Center and Big Data Industry Development Research Institute.

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