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Editor’s Opening Remarks
In hot June, JD Cloud is Booming. Under the leadership of Mr. Shen Yuanqing, we won two top prizes at the Cloud Connect, set up the first poverty alleviation and unbounded retail flash shop in Xi’an, and signed the contract with Shiyan City to undertake government affairs cloud and other related business, and also launched a number of cloud services cooperation with Eerduosi. With the power of the cloud to energize urban development, and with the power of the cloud to support the upgrading of traditional industrial structure, JD Cloud will continue to adhere to the concept of cooperation and win-win results, and empower the construction of smart city with technical strength and innovative and high-quality services.
Hot Topics
JD Cloud Won Two Top Prizes at the Cloud Connect
The 6th Cloud Connect China 2018·was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center. Shen Yuanqing, president of JD Cloud Division, won the “Most Influential People Award of China in 2017-2018”. Under his leadership, JD Cloud with strong technical strength and innovative ability, won the "2017-2018 China's Most Promising Enterprise Awards" and the "Cloud Ding Award".
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City Insight

Tap the Value of Data Resources and Witness a New Chapter in "Smart Chuzhou" >>

With the advent of cloud computing and the era of big data, the in-depth development and utilization of government data resources has been continuously integrated into the work and life of citizens in Chuzhou, and the construction of big data apps and information-based new smart cities will bring smart experience to the public.

Develop "Internet Plus" Multi-field Business>>

Use face recognition technology to quickly match lost people's photos; complete the whole process of online treatment; aerospace cloud network "Internet + industrial robots" to achieve "cloud + end" advanced mode, these new applications have solved more and more industrial difficulties, realizing A "fancy" combination of the Internet and high technology in various sectors.

Xi'an Constructing the International Transportation Hub and Building a Smart City with the Power of Cloud >>

The planned investment of Xi'an transportation construction is about RMB 216.65 billion. It is clear that by 2020, it will initially form a modern three-dimensional integrated system with the comprehensive transportation hub as the core. With the comprehensive transportation network as the support and the technology as power to the smart transportation, the “convenient, smooth, efficient and safe” modern integrated communication and transportation system will be built.

New Move by Cloud

JD Cloud Technology Empowers Industry Development and Poverty Alleviation, and the First "Poverty Alleviation and Unbounded Retail Pop-up Shop" Appeared in Xi'an >>

The offline pop-up shop where the products are promoted by technology, connects traditional agricultural and sideline products to “fashion food”, and makes life greener and healthier, and help better targeted poverty alleviation. The cases of JD Cloud technology empowering industry development and poverty alleviation create more possibilities for unbounded retail.

To create an "Internet Plus" New Pattern", Shiyan City Signed Contract with JD>>

Through more than two months of efforts and two rounds of mutual visits, JD and Shiyan City have fully communicated and matched demands with each other, and reached a consensus on the "Internet Plus" new economy cooperation. JD Cloud will undertake the governmental affair cloud, enterprise cloud and big data business in the jurisdiction of Shiyan City, providing safe and convenient cloud computing and big data services for urban public services, smart city construction, enterprise transformation and upgrading.

"Cloud-based Industry · JD XI Chuzhou" Digital Economy Industry Cooperation Opening Conference >>

JD Cloud is the output platform of JD Group's technology, resources and empowerment. Since its landing in Chuzhou, it has greatly promoted the development of the digital economy of the city. The convening of the event explored a new path for the integrated development of digital economy and real economy. Liu Peiyun, vice president of JD Cloud, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Cha Wenxiong, delivery director of JD Cloud and Chen Yao, operation director of JD Cloud attended the conference.

Joining Hands with JD, Erdos Creating an "Internet Plus" New Channel>>

Erdos will be an important node of JD Cloud National Data Center, and will become a support center and cloud service business center for the relevant industries in Inner Mongolia and even the entire North China region. JD Cloud will conduct more in-depth cooperation with Erdos to promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, AI and the real economy, and create an “Internet plus” new channel.

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