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May Publication

First Issue

Public Business of JD Cloud
Person in Charge of Industrial Operation and Maintenance
Chen Yao
Editor's notes
It is my great honor to make a note for the first issue of our information journal. In the era of digital economy, cloud computing, as the infrastructure supporting the digital economy, is expanding in various fields. JD Cloud has been continuously cultivating in assisting enterprises to make digital transformation and using technology-enabled process to empower urban development. We have launched Yunchuang Space in Chengdu, Chongqing and other locations and have built cloud computing big data industrial bases in Suqian and Binzhou, we will continue to support the upgrading of traditional industrial structures and the management of digital city in the future, and effectively promote the development of the emerging cities with the power of “cloud”. I hope that the information journal can become a bridge between us and our customers and partners, so that everyone can learn more about cloud computing and JD Cloud.
Top News Overview
With much attention, JD Cloud sees brand upgrade
JD Cloud saw the moment of brand upgrade on April 20! The much-anticipated "cloud connects the limitless future" brand conference for JD Cloud was successfully held in Beijing. At the meeting, the brand new brand image and brand slogan “Future Beyond Possibility" were officially launched. With the new look, JD Cloud begins to be fully engaged in the cloud computing market!
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