Announcement on Launching of Cloud Situation Awareness V2.0

2018-07-10 14:11:13
Dear user
JD Cloud Situation Awareness v2.0 is predicted to be launched onJuly 16, 2018Beijing time. The new version situation awareness will then bring you a more excellent security analysis capacity and data display capacity.

Since the data display structure of v2.0 is richer and quite different from that of v1.0, upon launching of v2.0, the console frontend will not support data search of v1.0. If the historical data of v1.0 is very important to you, we recommend you to export the required data before v2.0 launching on July 16.

We will retain the historical data of v1.0 for you on the backend, so you can extract the data by opening ticket. The default time for extracting data is 30 days. Under special circumstances, the time can be adjusted.

New characteristics of cloud situation awareness v2.0 product are as below:

1.Security capacity
* Provide the security incident closed-loop processing workflow
* Detect 25 security threats and offer detailed evidences and security suggestions
* Provide hundreds of threat models

2.Data capacity
* Cloud-based anti-DDoS detection data
* Network intrusion detection engine data
* Machine-based intrusion detection engine data

3.Big data analysis capacity
* Massive repeat event aggregation
* Association analysis of directional attacks

For more information about cloud situation awareness, please refer to JD Cloud website after launching of cloud situation awareness v2.0.

JD Cloud team

2018-07-10 14:11:13