Service Upgrade Notice on Elastic Compute And Network in cn-east-1 And cn-south-1 Regions

2018-12-10 14:22:44
Dear user

Dear user(s), in order to provide more stable JCS for Redis Service, JD Cloud will upgrade the Elastic Compute and Network Service from 22:00:00 to 23:59:59 on December 11, 2018. During such period, the Console access to Elastic Compute and Network Service and the use of OpenAPI of cn-east-1 and cn-south-1 regions will be paused, while other regions will not be affected. None of the above upgrades will affect your inherent business running in all of your regions. The console and OpenAPI will resume normal use after the upgrades.

If you have relevant questions during the upgrade, please contact JD Cloud Customer Service at any time (Tel: 4006151212). Thank you for your support to JD Cloud.

JD Cloud team

2018-12-10 14:22:44