Function Service Launched with Python 2.7 And Python 3.7 Runtime

2019-04-29 17:23:22
Dear user

Hello, in order to better meet the customer's needs for the use of the function service development language, when the function service launches Python 2.7 and Python 3.7 runtime on April 24, 2019 in the North China Region, you can choose the appropriate runtime to write function code, quickly build applications and services. The Function Service is currently in the Beta period. You are welcome to apply for Beta or open ticket for trial use on the product Home Page. You are invited to try it for free.

Thank you for your support to JD Cloud Function Service. If you have any question when use it, please open ticket or contact JD Cloud Customer Service by dialing our customer service hotline 4006151212.

JD Cloud team

2019-04-29 17:23:22