[Service Suspension Notice] Load Balancer SSL Certificate Migration and Console &OpenAPI Suspend Service at 21:00:00 on December 23

2019-12-23 09:33:57
Dear user

To provide you with better product service, JD Cloud Load Balancer will migrate SSL Certificate from December 23, 2019 21:00:00 to December 24, 2019 03:59:00 . During this period, the Load Balancer Console and OpenAPI service will be temporarily suspended in all regions (cn-north-1, cn-south-1, cn-east-1 and cn-east-2). This operation will not affect your inherent business running in all of your regions. Access and use of the Console and OpenAPI will be resumed after the operation. As regards to this operation, please pay attention to two changes as below:

1. The existing SSL Certificate on the Load Balancer side will be migrated to Cloud Security - SSL Certificate and the Load Balancer - Certificate Module will no longer provide operations such as certificate viewing, adding and deleting.

2. After the migration, the certificate used by Load Balancer will be managed by Cloud Security - SSL Certificate.

If you have relevant questions during the operation, please contact JD Cloud Customer Service at any time (Tel: 4006151212). Thank you for your support to JD Cloud.

JD Cloud team

2019-12-23 09:33:57