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Whether you are a solution provider, software developer, cloud service provider or sales agent, we provide a wealth of resources to support the growth of our partners. With the creating of an ecosystem to achieve win-win cooperation, JD Cloud is willing to grow together with partners.

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Suzhou Bona Xundong Software Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2012, BoCloud ( is a cloud computing open source software commercialization service provider that provides enterprise-class customers with consultation, building, maintaining, and upgrading services of private clouds, hybrid clouds, intelligent operation and maintenance systems and big data infrastructure, in order to help enterprises achieve digital transformation and productivity improvement in key operational scenarios.


Intel is the world's leading manufacturer in the computing innovation field, committed to expanding the boundaries of technology and making the best experience possible. Intel's innovation covers personal devices, enterprise servers and the expansion of computing power of cloud computing. It makes things interconnected and intelligent, and promotes the safety of human digital life.

Beijing Vast Data Technology Co., Ltd.

Business covers product development, technical services, education and training of data technology, builds IT infrastructure data platform for the data center of large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, provides related data storage and security, database and data management, cloud computing solutions and technical services.

Beijing Yaxiya Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

After 15 years of market testing, Tianjin Marstor Technology Co., Ltd. has become a leading high-tech national data security provider in the field of data storage, backup and disaster tolerance. With deep plowing in the field of cloud computing and by developing products based on international standards, Marstor is well known as the first to propose cloud-based disaster recovery, cloud disaster recovery and other technical concepts.

Sichuan Winnerroad Scientific and Technologic Development Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Wangdao is committed to mobile information engineering such as "Government Service + Internet", "grass-roots Party construction + Internet", "People's Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation + Internet" and "Rural E-Commerce", and is committed to the development of regional network application platforms and technology development, operational services and training support.

Beijing JD Financial Technology Co., Ltd.

JD Financial Enterprise Service Platform is oriented to a top Financial Technology (Fin Tech) open platform in China, which is committed to opening up the technology, products, users, fund side and asset side accumulated by JD Finance to banks, securities, insurance and other financial institutions as well as other non- Financial institutions, providing menu-based and embedded services for corporate customers.

Beijing EasyStack Scientific and Technologic Development Co., Ltd.

As the leader of open source cloud computing in China, EasyStack builds stable, reliable, secure, efficient, flexible and open, compatible private cloud, industry cloud and hybrid cloud for corporate customers, with more than 300 large and medium-sized corporate customers. The main products include: ECS Enterprise Cloud, ECS Stack Hyper-convergence, EKS Container Cloud, EMS Multi-cloud Management.

Nanjing Sesame Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhima Tech is a pioneer in the field of offline big data in China, dedicated to the integration of large data with offline real business, it provides smart analysis, efficient operation management and precise marketing capabilities for offline consumers for shopping malls and brand customers and it is a big data service specialist in building smart businesses.