JD Cloud Pricing

Help you fully understand JD Cloud pricing principles and Cloud product price information, and estimate Cloud cost.

Estimate Cloud budgets
Estimate Cloud budgets

Billing model

Monthly package, stable discount

Payment in advance can reserve sufficient resources, and at the same time can provide a larger discount so as to reduce your cost, which is convenient for cost budget management.

Bill by amount, flexible and convenient

Pay according to the actual consumption and use time, without investing too much cost in advance, purchase and release at any time according to the actual demand, and resize flexibly.

More usage, lower price

It adopts the tiered pricing mode, the bigger your business volume in JD Cloud is, the more cost savings are. The more the consumption is, the lower the unit price is; the longer the use time is, the greater the discount is.

Product pricing

Elastic Compute
Database and Cache Service
Storage and CDN
Domain Name & License
Cloud Security
Big Data & Analytics

Customize Cloud budgets

Customize Cloud budgets through easy steps

Select product, region, specification and use time, customize budget, a reasonably customized budget is presented before your eyes.


Select product


Select region


Select specification


Select use time

Estimate Cloud budgets


What scenario will the payment by budget and the payment by consumption apply to?
When you have a stable business scenario and need to use for a long time, you can make Pay-In-Advance Purchase, and the Monthly Package in the Pay-In-Advance Purchase not only can greatly save your costs, but also can help you lock resources to ensure that your needs are met;
When your business scenario is characterized by high concurrency, short term, irregular changes in data bulk and large fluctuations, you can purchase services during use according to your situation through adopting purchase by consumption based on demands.
What service contents can be enjoyed during and after purchase of products related to JD Cloud?
The services provided by JD Cloud include general services and VIP services. General services include product selection and purchase recommendation, product use guidance, product and resource use problem troubleshooting, product API and SDK use problem troubleshooting, support for filing related issues, and support for financial contract related issues;
VIP services include Cloud System Professional Security, Cloud System Security Assurance, Cloud Database Expert Assurance, Database Transfer Cloud Plan, JD Cloud Security Product Trial, JD Cloud Convenient Mobile Office Services, and JD Cloud Cloud Performance Log Monitoring.
Will there be a reminder after the expiration of Virtual Machines?
JD Cloud will have notice of expiration early warning, notice of service suspension upon expiration, notice of service suspension in arrears and notice of release of early warning, the above four notices will be pushed to you by SMS, email and intra-website message, please pay attention to keep your service running.