Anti-DDoS Protection Package

Anti-DDoS Protection Package is a product that improves Anti-DDoS attack capability for users who deploy businesses in JD Cloud. It has the features that the configuration is simple, EIP is free from switching, the protection capability comes into force upon purchase, and the protection target can be flexibly replaced. It supports smooth upgrade of Anti-DDoS capacity for multiple businesses in JD Cloud, such as the Virtual Machines, the Load Balancer, the Cloud Physical Server, the Web Application Firewall and other services with EIP, effectively guaranteeing network security of business.

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Buy-on-use, taking effect in seconds
Not require complicated product configuration, it just takes a few seconds to improve protection after purchase.
Strong DDoS Attack Protection
Able to defend against a variety of common 4-tier DDoS attacks, including but not limited to SYN Flood, ACK Flood, ICMP Flood, UDP Flood and TCP Flood.
Simple configuration, and Public IP is not required to be changed
Directly enhance protection capacity for Public IP within JD Cloud, with Simple configuration, and IP address is not required to be changed.
Flexible Billing
Support minimum + flexible billing method. For the flexible part, billing is based on actual peak value of attack and is not required if there is no attack.


DDoS Attack Protection

Provide DDoS protection functions of network layers

The Anti-DDoS Protection Package can protect you from various common DDoS attacks, e.g. volume attack, computing resource consumption attacks.

Protection Object Switch

Protection Package Can Be Associated to Different Protection Objects

The protection package supports modes of exclusive IP and shared IP, and can switch the associated protection objects according to your business demands. The objects supported being switched by the protection package include Virtual Machines, Container, Load Balancer, Cloud Physical Server, Web Application Firewall, etc.

Monitoring Report

Rich Monitoring Report

The Anti-DDoS Protection Package provides you with rich monitoring reports to help you understand the attack protection situation. The reports include: Statistic of attack peak, the attack counts and the attack types.

Protection Rule Configuration

Provide customized configuration of refined protection rules

Support refined protection rule configuration, such as source and destination connection speed limit and packet filter configuration. In the case of multiple IPs, the default configuration and single IP customized protection rule configuration are supported, giving you a better protection effect.

Attack Evidence Collection

Automatic Attack Package Capture

Statistics are collected on the attack situation to provide the view function of the attack source IP. And automatically capture the package of attacks, which is convenient for analysis and tracing.