Artifact Repository

Manage functions such as built artifacts after source code compilation, version control in coordination with source codes, provision of compilation dependency and product storage. Form a continuous delivery tool chain in combination with CodeBuild and CodeDeploy.

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Simple and Easy to Use
The private repository is automatically initialized for users and is ready for use upon subscription, without complex configuration. Based on open-source technologies, it is completely compatible with tools of maven and gradle and conforms to users’ habits
Secure and stable
The backend adopts File Storage and Virtual Machines of JD Cloud to provide service of high reliability.
Seamless Connection
The artifact repository is seamlessly integrated with JD Cloud CodeBuild.


Public Repository Agent

Public Repository of Central Agent Repository

JD Cloud Artifact Repository provides the agent functions for maven public repositories, covering common repositories such as central, jcenter, gradle-plugin and google

Private Repository of User

Private Repository Management

Obtain private repository configuration, reset private repository password and manage private repository artifact


Application Scenarios

The public agent repository provides the external repository agent function and increase download speed of dependency package. The private user repository provides users with the function of private artifact management and supports upload, download, deletion and search. Combination of artifact repository, CodeCommit and CodeBuild can form the automatic and continuous delivery tool chain.

Product using:
Artifact Repository