Audit Trail

Audit Trail is a service provided by JD Cloud that enables users to implement accurate tracking, restore user behavior audit by all operation records saved by Audit Trail, which plays a very important role in security analysis, resource change trail and compliance review.

Use Now


Efficient Push
Audit Trail collects, processes and transmits events through available data processing pipeline.
Accurate Record
Clearly record user operation information, view, search, download and analyze account activities by using Audit Trail.
Reliable in Real Time
Users can timely understand about operation events, i.e., they can timely understand operation behaviors of accounts by viewing Audit Trail and immediately treat or feed the problems they encountered back.
Security Compliance
Position problems, fault events by effectively recording all operation behaviors in JD Cloud accounts in real time to ensure the security compliance of businesses running on JD Cloud.


Operation Record

Out-of-the-box Use

Operation records of last ninety days can be collected through Audit Trail function without configuration and viewed on page of Console Audit Trail.

Event List

Operation Record List

Users can view operation even list through console, supporting to search operation events from dimensions of event name, product type, event time, operation accounts, etc.

Record Details

Operation Record Details

Users can obtain single operation record details, including access key, region, error code, event source, event ID, request ID and IP address.