Automatic Speech Recognition

Convert speech into text. Support recognition of multiple scenarios and provide voice solutions for scenarios such as retail, customer service and finance

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Multi-field Proficiency
Relying on JD's big data support of retail, finance and customer service fields, it achieves an expert-level Automatic Speech Recognition in the fields based on the cutting-edge algorithm in the industry
Orientable Optimization
It can help customers with orientable optimization and provide Automatic Speech Recognition Service more suitable for your field by debugging data and model to certain extent
Speak and Display
By using stream recognition technology, it can display the text while a person is speaking


Stream Recognition

Speech to Text

Automatic Speech Recognition mainly consists of feature extraction technique, pattern matching criterion and Model Training to convert speech into text in the course of man-machine interaction and it uses stream recognition technology to implement "Speak and Display"

Support Multiple Scenarios

Application Scenarios

Provide voice solutions for scenarios such as retail, customer service and finance


Customer Service Recording Analysis

Customer Service Recording Analysis will convert the conversation between a user and the customer service personnel into text to mine the user's emotion, analyze the answering level of the customer service personnel and implement big data analysis of the audio

Retail Commodity Search

Retail Commodity Search Users can search the commodity they want by voice instead of typing to make the search more efficient

Financial Robot Advisor

Financial Robot Advisor Users can get information related to finance by way of conversion