Bastion Host

The bastion host is an operation and maintenance product provided by JD Cloud, with capacities of permission control, security audit as well as automatic operation and maintenance

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Security Operation and Maintenance
Conform to internal risk control and audit requirements of "Guidelines on the Information Technology Risk Management of Commercial Banks", Multi-level Protection and the like
Permission Control
Provide management function on machine, account and role and realize isolation between people, device and resource
High-efficiency Operation and Maintenance
The self-researched SSH interaction interface is concise and easy-to-use, which facilitates manage of a large number of machines, simplifies operation, maintenance as well as security operation and improves operation and maintenance efficiency
Compliance Audit
Support playback operation record and make full-process audit as well as operation and maintenance
Stable and Reliable
The multiple-instance deployment method guarantees high service availability. The protocol engine passes the mass-traffic data test, thus being more reliable and stable


Permission Control

User Management

Set up correspondence between the user and account and make sure that the user has the minimum task completion permission

Account Management

Provide management on Linux/Windows account, administrator account, ordinary user account and permission change

Asset Management

Support mixed management for public cloud, private cloud and ordinary LAN devices

Audit Trail

Session Audit

Audit Linux operating commands in real time, replay Windows operation video and make full-process audit

Audit Trail

Apply audit to user’s full-process operation from login to exit, monitor all sensitive operation and support interrupt of dangerous operation

Security Certification

Account Security Certification

Methods such as double-factor certification, multiple access policy control and SSO are provided to guarantee account password security and prevent illegal use and reuse of operation and maintenance person’s identity

IAM Policy

Provide many access policy control and multi-dimension and precision authorization management

High-efficiency Operation and Maintenance

High-efficiency Operation and Maintenance

The operation and maintenance staff only need to keep one account and its password in mind that resources can be maintained upon once login

Simple Interaction

The SSH interaction page will automatically display the list of machines with permissions and realize quick position and login for machines, improving working efficiency and reducing work complexity

Operation Convenience

JD Cloud Virtual Machines can be synchronized via one-click, JD Cloud sub-account can be rapidly imported, batch operation and maintenance is supported as well as resources are authorized via one click


Focus on security audit and meet compliance requirements

The bastion host provides perfect audit schemes, meets various compliance requirements and guarantee cloud security, operation and maintenance for users

Product using:
Virtual MachinesBastion Host

Control operation and maintenance risk and prevent data leakage

Based on unified certification, central management and standard operation and maintenance behavior, the bastion host applies strict control and audit to operation and maintenance, controlling operation and maintenance risks to the full extent

Product using:
Virtual MachinesBastion Host