Cloud File Service

JD Cloud File Service is a fully-hosted distributed file system with high reliability, expandability and sharable access. It can be expanded or reduced and billed according to actual usage without interrupting the application services.

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Stable and Reliable
The Cloud File Service adopts three-copy redundancy storage offering super powerful stability and reliability which can satisfy the needs of your application services on the availability and reliability of file system.
Complete Hosting Service
You can expediently create and manage file storage in Cloud File Service through Console or SDK and use it by creating mount points without deployment, operation and maintenance of file system services.
It supports standard NFSv4.0 and NFSv4.1 protocols and provides fully-hosted services, so you do need to modify applications and can implement seamless integration via standard attach steps of file system. It significantly reduces migration cost and simplifies development of cloud projects.
Shared Access
You can share the file storage system in the same Cloud File Service among multiple Virtual Machines in the same VPC. Scenarios where multiple application instances require shared general data sources are particularly suitable to be implemented with Cloud File Service.
Elastic Expansion
It is unnecessary to preset the configuration capacity when you create file storage in Cloud File Service. The file storage capacity can implement auto scaling according to your operation of adding or deleting files.
Multiple Security Protection
The Cloud File Service can control access to file system by means of the network isolation mechanism between user's VPCs and POSIX file system standard permission control mechanism.


Standard NFS Protocol

It supports NFS v4.0 and NFS v4.1 protocols

The Cloud File Service supports NFS v4.0 and NFS v4.1 protocols and can attach by using standard file system attach command.

Shared File Storage

Shared File Storage of Multiple Virtual Machines

Multiple Virtual Machines can simultaneously access file storage created in the Cloud File Service, conduct read/write operation of files and implement data share of multiple computing nodes through NFS protocol.

Auto Expansion of Capacity

It can be expanded as necessary and be billed according to actual usage

It is unnecessary to preset the file storage capacity after you creating the file storage. The file storage capacity can implement auto scaling according to your operation of adding or deleting files therein. You only need to pay for the actual usage of file storage.

Persistent and Reliable Service

High Business Persistence and Data Reliability

The Cloud File Service adopts distributed architecture with three-copy design. All files and directories of user are dispersed over different fault domain storage to prevent the single-point fault from causing data inaccessibility or data loss. It has high availability and high persistence.

Access Permission Management

It provides permission management of network and file data levels

The mount points of the Cloud File Service are set in user's VPC, so all accesses to file storage are protected by the network security isolation control of user's VPC; and it supports users to control read/write access to file data through standard POSIX permission control.


File Share in Organization

In collaborative office scenarios of an enterprise, both business applications and employees need to access and share the same data. Creating file system in the Cloud File Service can satisfy the above needs. At the same time, you can control access to the file system by setting the permission of file and directory levels.

Product using:
Virtual MachinesVPCLoad Balancer

Web Application Service

In content management system and Web application and service scenarios, the Cloud File Service can provide data storage, reading and share services by fully taking advantage of its features of strong persistence and high throughput.

Product using:
Virtual MachinesLoad Balancer

Media Business

In media business, files, images, graphs, audios and videos shall be provided with shared storage and edit processing. The high throughput and shared file access functions of the Cloud File Service can provide a unified bucket for media business for all users to improve the processing efficiency of media business.

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