JD Cloud CodePipeline is a product providing continuous integration and continuous delivery capability. The visual and customized automatic delivery CodePipeline ensures the uniformity and stability at different stages of product release.

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Easy and Simple Visual Configuration
The pipeline can be customized on demand. In the configuration stage, tasks are executed in serial or parallel, to easily and quickly implement the continuous integration and continuous delivery process.
Support of Multiple Deployment Methods
Support cross-AZ and multi-VPC deployment. Carry out deep integration with JCS for Kubernetes, perform life cycle management for containerized application, provide multi-application release method and continuous delivery capability, and support microservice architecture.
Access of Full Process Tool Chain
With the good platform integration capability, the seamless integration of CodePipeline and JD Cloud product ecology help users quickly build a complete tool chain and implement DevOps process.
Multiple Trigger Mechanism
Upon Webhook trigger code submission, at a fixed time, manually or with other method for triggering the execution of CodePipelines


Realization of Release Process Automation

End-to-end CodePipeline

From code submission, construction, testing and deployment, the complete end-to-end CodePipeline function will be achieved. With the method of Webhook trigger or event listening, the CodePipeline executes automatically. At the same time, CodePipeline also provides the artificial control ability, and the follow-up operation upon confirmation by the user is supported by adding manual approval operation to the execution process

Customized CodePipeline

Based on different focuses of users at different stages of products, it supports flexible configuration of CodePipelines. Tasks in the same stage can be set as serial execution or parallel execution, to meet multiple customer scenarios

Common Tools for Connecting Users

Multiple Source Code Supplier

It supports multiple code management platform integration, and can seamlessly integrate with Git, GitHub, JD Cloud CodeCommit and other platforms to obtain source code

Continuous Integration

It supports the construction and unit test for multiple compiler languages such as Java, Golang, NodeJs and Python. Docker image compilation is supported, and compilation and building as well as safety inspection are provided with the method of isolating container-level resources

Continuous Deployment

Deep integration is carried out with JD Cloud JCS for Kubernetes service, life cycle management for containerized application is supported, and whole-process automation of application release under container environment is achieved

View Execution Record

View Process Execution Record

It supports viewing the execution status of CodePipeline, and viewing the detailed access task information and operation records etc.

View Detailed Pipeline History Information

It supports view the detailed CodePipeline execution information, including start time, end time, execution duration and execution ID ect.


DevOps Continuous Delivery

With the help of CodePipeline, you can accomplish the complete DevOps process from code change to construction, test and deployment to ensure that only codes that pass the automatic test can be delivered and deployed, which efficiently replaces the traditional method that is complex in internal deployment and slow in iteration.

Product using:

Integrated k8s Cluster

Deep integrated with JD Cloud Container Service not only offers the construction of Docker Image and uploads it to the Container Registry, but also communicates with JCS for Kubernetes to implement the automatic continuous delivery of Docker containerization application.

Product using:
Native ContainerJCS for KubernetesCodeBuild