Column-oriented Storage

Column-oriented Storage is a column-oriented distributed database based on Hadoop, which is 100% compatible with the HBase Protocol and has high performance and auto scaling, it supports PB-level big data storage easily so as to meet ten million-level QPS high-throughput random read and write scenarios.

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High-reliability Storage Engine
Distributed cluster architecture and at least three such architectures ensure data reliability.
High Service Availability
With HA real-time monitoring system, the failure of single node is transferred quickly, guaranteeing the service not interrupted.
Compatible with Ecological Products
phoenix and openTSDB are supported


Cluster Architecture High Availability

Support HA Mode

It is two-master node by default, supporting high availability and real-time detection, and guaranteeing the high reliability of business; when the core node is in failure, region can be switched in second-level.

Cluster Elastic Expansion

Support flexible expansion of node

The disk and node can expand flexibly, which can expand to the scale of thousands of sets, meeting ten million-level QPS and PB bucket.

Cluster Protection Guarantee

Support Permission Control

ACL permission control and multi-layer network protection mechanism can defense 90% malicious data corruption