Container Registry

The Container Registry is a fully-hosted docker image storage and distribution platform that provides secure and reliable image services, seamlessly integrating with JD Cloud’s Native Container and JCS for Kubernetes, to provide one-stop deployment services for container application.

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Complete Hosting Service
No need to build, manage, operate or maintain Image Registry; it has massive storage capacity, and can download and manage the Docker Image at any time and anywhere.
Open and Compatible
Support Docker Registry v2 standard protocol; support compatible Docker standard tool and Docker image.
Seamless Integrated Container Service
Integration with native containers, JCS for Kubernetes services, to implement high speed image downloading, deploy container application with extreme speed.
Security and Reliability
Redundant, highly available architecture, 99.999999999% data persistence, support full link data encryption to guarantee data security.


Docker Image Management

Manage Docker Image

Users can create, delete, and download docker images according to demands.

Support Several Regions

Support three big regions such as cn-north-1, cn-east-2, and cn-south-1

Integrated Container Service

Rapidly Create Container Application

Quickly create containerized applications by combining native containers with JCS for Kubernetes clusters.