Data Visualization

JD Cloud Data Visualization is a data visualization tool based on real-time multi-layer rendering technology that displays real-time scenario of mass data. It is also a graphical development tool for Data Visualization. Non-professional data engineers perform WYSIWYG visual processing on data to build a data visualization by dragging and dropping. Meanwhile, it provides professional templates applicable in multiple industries covering e-commerce sales, agriculture, medical services, government affairs, which meets the needs of businesses such as conference and exhibition, workload monitoring, risk warning, and geographic information analysis.

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Professional Visualization Effect
The industry and scenario templates are used to solve UED design difficulties and workload indicator definition problems.
Diversified Visualization Effect
The display of vector chart effect is supported and the configuration method with diversified and exquisite visualization effect is provided to meet the requirements for users to display diversified effects on the visualization screen.
Low-cost High-efficiency Development
The drag-and-drop mode is used to realize the WYSIWYG visualization for data, the awesome effect of visualization display is achieved with the low barrier, and it is easy to master the visualization display tool.
Flexible Resolution Ratio Adaptation
You can customize the adaptive visualization resolution easily by choosing any of three modes, namely, full screen, horizontal stretching and longitudinal stretching.


Scenario Visualization Templates

Quickly create visualization with visualization templates

JD Cloud Data Visualization templates comprehensively integrate color matching, component layout and data level association design, and integrate implementation cases of various industries and scenarios to provide users with professional general solutions for specific industries and specific scenarios.

Diversified Vector Charts

Multi-charts, Flexible Layout of Plug-in Combinations to Meet Your Needs

JD Data Visualization provides line chart, column chart, scatter chart, pie chart, water level map, radar chart, K-line chart, box line chart, calendar heat map, relationship chart, funnel chart, Sankey diagram, instrument panel, etc. It satisfies users for multidimensional data analysis and presentation.

Cool Map Component

Increase the display effect of geographic data through multi-layer rendering and special data effects

Provide 2D, 3D map components, support GIS maps and data interfaces. Data representation can also be superimposed on flying lines, heat, bubbles and other data effects.

Diversified Data Source Connection

Support data access in three ways, i.e. static data, relational data and APIs

Support Json format static data, RDS Cloud Database, local relational database, JD Cloud Data Compute and online API. Meet your needs of real-time computing and monitoring of all kinds of big data, to give full play to the computing power of big data.


Monitor Urban Traffic Condition

The traffic of the arterial roads in Beijing If the whole arterial road shows as a blue lines, it means the traffic conditions are good and the road is smooth. The bright spots moving on the arterial road representing the locations of special vehicles (roadside assistance vehicles, etc.) Urban buildings Adopts 3D clay model technology to model the downtown of Beijing.

E-commerce Transaction Data Visualization Screen

Show sales situation by category and by channels, and information of newly added members through lists, column charts, line charts, and charts that show the proportion of indicators Present geographic information through various means such as geographic fly lines, thermal distribution, and scatters.

Show geographic information of government & public services

Adopt the GIS map to show the spatial distribution of service providers. Use bubbles to represent the locations of service providers, the size of the bubble indicates the degree of concentration of population. And basic components such as proportion and lists will be combined to give comprehensive description.