Function Service

Function Service is an event-driven Serverless computing service. With Function Service platform, users can elastically, reliably run business codes, rapidly construct applications and services without configuring and managing infrastructures such as servers, and only need to pay the resources that the codes actually consume.

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Triggered by Events
Function is triggered by events with integration of JD Cloud OSS, API Gateway, Queue Service and other event source services, meeting demands in different application scenarios, and rapidly constructing applications and services.
No Need for Operation and Maintenance
Only business code is concerned, and there is no need to configure or manage server and other infrastructures, which greatly reduces the operation and maintenance cost.
Auto Scaling
Resources are automatically scheduled in real time to run function based on the number of concurrent requests to easily cope with business peak and trough.
Pay on Demand
Billing is done based on code call times and running time, with the duration metering granularity as low as hundreds of millisecond level.


Triggered by Events

Supporting Multiple Trigger Methods

The execution of function is triggered through associated event source service, and the function can also be called directly via API and SDK.

Function Management

Provide multiple function management modes

Via Console, API, SDK and SCA CLI command line tool, functions can be managed in a quick and simple manner and function test and release can be done.

Flexible Configuration

Supporting Multiple Function Memory Specifications

Multiple specifications of 128MB-1GB function running memory options are provided to easily match with different business demands.

Monitoring and Log

Providing Rich Function Indicator Monitoring and Log Record

Function running status and running logs are monitored to facilitate users to view function execution conditions.


Multi-media Content Analysis Processing

Multiple functions can be triggered by Object Storage Service upload events, to complete real-time image or file screening, unloading, creating thumbnails, converting video code as well as other processing and analysis. You can rapidly deploy complicated application and service through event trigger mechanism as well as construct an elastic and reliable backend system.

Serverless Backend Service

The backend is constructed through Function Service and API Gateway to verify and process API requests. Flexibly expandable architecture is constructed with Function Service, to easily create rich and personalized application experience.